RetroCollect is back! Read about the relaunch, future plans and give feedback here.

Welcome Back!!!

It's been a while. The old host decided to upgrade their server software which broke the code that was running a large part of the old website. Since then we've been working hard to get the site back online, it's not been easy and life gets in the way at times. Still we back on course for bigger and better things.

What's new

The main change is that we've removed Joomla completely and implemented a new user system. This means that'll you'll need to reset your password before you can log in and see your games collection. Removing Joomla does sadly mean that we've lost the forums and blog, for the time being at least. Don't worry our community is still going strong, currently we're busy chatting away on Discord so come and join us there. Don't worry your game collection and stats are all here for you, just login.

The future

Before the old site went down work was underway to replace the site with a much more comprehensive database with many more features and a more modern design. This is nearing the end of development and once the old site is back up and running as a stop gap we'll be working hard to finish off the new site. The focus going forward will be getting the new, much improved system live and then integrating other features.

Community & Feedback

Join the community on Discord.

If you've got feedback on the site, or you're encountering any issues then please get in touch through the #suggestions channel on Discord.

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