Mario Party Editor ‘Party Planner 64’ Brings Custom Tables To The Nintendo 64 Board Game


Mario Party is often renowned for its fantastic turn based gameplay, but more notably for its tendency to cause huge arguments between gamers. Whether it be unfair rules, the stealing of stars, or lack of control over the minigames, it’s now time to put the odds back in your favour. The newly announced application Party Planner 64 lets you create y [ … ]


Nintendo Game Boy ‘Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru’ DX Color ROM Hack In Development


In 1992 a Japanese exclusive adventure for the Nintendo Game Boy known as Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru hit Japan. Although remaining an exclusive release to the Far East, many would soon experience what the game had to offer as its engine was reused to create The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. A decade later Nintendo began work on updating the [ … ]


Nintendo NES Bluetooth Control Pad Adapter ‘Retro Receiver’ Out Now


Every had the urge to plug a more modern control pad into the Nintendo NES? You’re in luck! 8Bitdo and Analogue have partnered up to create the Retro Receiver. This controller adapter simply plugs into Nintendo’s 8-bit console, allowing PlayStation 4 pads, Wii Remotes, arcade sticks and even aftermarket Super Nintendo pads to connect up to the acti [ … ]


Maximum Power Up Podcast - Episode 24: Platform Debate

MPU Ep24 Platform Debate 670x447

Mario, Sonic, Crash, Rayman and many more all seen as platform game icons. There have been loads of great platform games over the years but what is a platformer? Paul and Chris sit down to discuss the genre from the early 8bit days to modern day and how the genre has progressed and developed through the years.


Sega Announce Free ‘Mega Drive Classics Hub’ Emulation Frontend


With such a strong heritage in the gaming world, it comes as no surprise that Sega are once again tapping into their incredible back catalogue. The newly announced Mega Drive Classics Hub is an emulation frontend that mimics the look and feel of a bedroom from the 90s, equipped with just about every 16-bit hit you’d ever want.


Starforce Pi Arcade System Manufacturers Create One-Of-A-Kind Neo Geo Tabletop Machine


If you ever had a reason to be jealous of someone else in the retro gaming realm, it’s now. The talented team behind the Starforce Pi, the sadly unfunded Kickstarter project to release stunning palm-sized arcade machines running on Raspberry Pi computers, are back. Using their expertise from their prior project, they’ve created a unique and portabl [ … ]


Build it Yourself Nintendo NES / Famiclone Console Kit Arrives On Amazon Japan


If for whatever you’ve ever felt that the aesthetics of Nintendo’s 8-bit range didn’t live up to expectations, then you’re in luck. Amazon Japan has recently stocked a build it yourself kit of Nintendo NES / Famicom internals which can be sculpted into the console of your dreams - from portable offerings to even tables with built in gaming capabili [ … ]


Bandai WonderSwan ‘WonderDog’ Flash Cartridge & Reader/Writer Out Now


When it comes to classic consoles and handhelds, just about every system to date has its very own method of playing game backups or ROM files. Unlike the likes of Nintendo and Sega’s systems, the Bandai WonderSwan up until now has been without a definitive ROM loading solution. Having been a Japanese exclusive handheld, it comes as no surprise to a [ … ]


SMSPower’s 2016 Coding Competition: Alex Kidd in Miracle World 2 + New Master System Games Out Now


If you’ve ever felt that Alex Kidd’s adventures on the Sega Master System were still waiting for their grand finale, then look no further. An unofficial sequel to the much loved Alex Kidd in Miracle World has finally arrived via SMSPower’s annual homebrew coding competition. This stellar release is accompanied by a plethora of other standout titles [ … ]


Cancelled ‘Beavis & Butt-Head’ Coin-Op Machine Now Playable At Galloping Ghost Arcade


The much loved duo of Beavis & Butt-Head were set to hit the arcades in their very first coin-op outing in the mid 90s. Having not lived up to expectations in test markets, the game was effectively shelved and the few remaining units lost to time. Despite this, the Galloping Ghost Arcade in Illinois has somehow acquired one of the twelve test c [ … ]


Unreleased & Unknown Nameless Neo Geo Fighting Game Prototype Found


When it comes to prototypes and cancelled releases, we’re often familiar with what’s waiting to be discovered thanks to the various reveals and previews shown in magazines beforehand. So once an unknown, unidentified and nameless Neo Geo fighting game turned up at auction, it’s safe to say the retro gaming community was left in awe.


[Event] Southampton Game Fest 2016 - Sunday 22nd May, Grand Harbour Hotel


Southampton Game Fest 2016 is the only dedicated gaming event in Hampshire, UK and is being held in aid of the Southampton Hospital Charity. The first SGF was held in 2015 and while it was a fairly small event, it managed to raise a decent amount of money for gaming charity Special Effect. 2016's Game Fest will be more of the same, but on a much [ … ]


Sonic The Hedgehog ‘Boom’ ROM Hack Brings Awful Voice Acting To The Sega Mega Drive


Our much loved blue hedgehog has always had an attitude, but his transition into the 3D world equipped him with a vocal arrogance. Whether or not you enjoyed Sonic’s outings on the Dreamcast and beyond, it’s safe to say that his dated lines had even the biggest fans cringing. In an attempt to prove to Sega how silent Sonic should be, one ROM hacker [ … ]


Maximum Power Up Podcast - Episode 23: Mega Drive Part 2

MPU Ep23 Mega Drive Part 2 670x447

In this latest episode Phil and Chris are joined by guest host Jake Smith ( no relation to Chris ) who was previously on the first Mega Drive podcast episode. We sit down to discuss some more of our favourite Mega Drive games, as well as talking about some of the best games you, the listeners have selected as your favourites.


Modern Review: Helen's Mysterious Castle (PC)

After an English release on Playism in 2014, Helen's Mysterious Castle- an ultra-charming, pocket-sized RPG- makes its way to Steam, so here's a little primer on why you should give this one a look.

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