Retro Review: Blake Stone: Planet Strike (PC)


Jam Productions had the worst of luck. Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold, a first-person shooter powered by the Wolfenstein-3D engine, was released just a week before the golaith of shooters was to hit the shelves...Doom! Well, poor Blake Stone was certainly doomed, but this did not stop the company from releasing a sequel to their game less than a year [ … ]


Event Review: Play Margate 2015 (Kent)


In the baking 30 degree Kent sun the beaches of Margate are filling with sandcastle making children. But while this may be the traditional family fun day out, It's hard to imagine anyone would see the crowd of excited gamers at Play Margate and still believe that playing Video games is a reclusive hobby. There's a buzz of excitement in the air [ … ]


Brand New Dreamcast Shmup ‘Ghost Blade’ Release Date Set


It’s been years in the making, however, Hucast Games have finally revealed that their upcoming scrolling shooter Ghost Blade will be released in a matter of weeks. This all new bullet-fest for the Sega Dreamcast will be arriving in a number of different editions on the 27th September.


Nostalgia: Reviving A 20 Year Old M.U.L.E


Just how good does a game have to be that you wait 20 years to play it? This strange question was answered for me just this week following my acquisition of a RetroN5 from Hyperkin. Back in 1986 I worked as a shop assistant in probably the best place to buy Atari computers, games and peripherals in the UK, Silica Shop in Sidcup. I was there th [ … ]


16 in 1 Nintendo NES Homebrew Multi-Cartridge ‘Double Action 53: Volume 2’ Out Now


For many Nintendo NES fans the name Action 52 will sound familiar thanks to the infamous Cheetahmen title released on an unlicensed multi-cartridge. Following in these unofficial footsteps, homebrew publishers Infinite NES Lives have announced their new homebrew compilation Double Action 53: Volume 2 - a collection of 16 brand new titles for the 8- [ … ]


Brand New Graphic Quest ‘Heroes & Cowards: The Pentagram of Power’ Adventures Onto Commodore 64


As per usual the Commodore 64 homebrew scene is alive, with yet another brand new release arriving on 5.25” floppy disk. Retro publisher Protovision have just made Heroes & Cowards: The Pentagram of Power available online - a graphical adventure with point and click mechanics and stunning visuals.


Japanese Exclusive Nintendo Famicom Racer ‘Taito Grand Prix - Eikou e no License’ Fan Translated Into English


While Gran Turismo may have revolutionised the racing genre, there were plenty of games that helped pave the wave way for Sony’s blockbuster. Although a Japanese exclusive release, Taito Grand Prix - Eikou e no License for the Nintendo Famicom was one of the earliest career racers, allowing gamers to challenge for cash and purchase upgrades. As of [ … ]


Square Enix Rerelease ‘Final Fantasy VII’ On Apple App Store For iOS


Square Enix have been anything but shy in re-releasing their back catalogue for modern devices. From the likes of Chrono Trigger to Final Fantasy Tactics, many of our favourites adventures of yesteryear can now be kept in our pocket. The latest addition to their digital library is the PlayStation 1 epic Final Fantasy VII, now available for Apple iO [ … ]


Modern Review: Horizon Chase (iOS)


The current trend for new games with overtly retro-themed visuals and gameplay mechanics shows no sign of slowing, and the voracity with which they are lapped up by the game-buying public shows no sign of abatement. You only have to look at the success of games like Steamworld Dig, Nidhogg and Hotline Miami to see that the anachronistic aesthetic [ … ]


Sega Dreamcast Wireless Control Pads ‘DreamConn’ Out Now


Although ahead of its time, the Dreamcast arrived a good few years before wireless technology became a gaming standard. With plenty of fans still supporting Sega’s swan song today, it comes as no surprise that an aftermarket cable-free control pad is now available - the DreamConn.


Save States Console Add-On ‘SNES-Tap’ Set For The Super Nintendo


One of the greatest developments to ever come out of the emulation scene is save state functionality. Those frustrating moments where you had to leave a half-finished game were soon long gone, except of course you had to be playing on anything but the original console. In the near future though, the very same feature which makes emulation so fun wi [ … ]


Game Boy Camera SD Card Adapter ‘BitBoy’ Coming Soon - Backup Your Photos On Any Computer


Back in 1998 we all became fully-fledged photographers thanks to Nintendo’s revolutionary Game Boy Camera. Once equipped with the accompanying Game Boy Printer, any snap could be turned into a stamp-sized print to keep. In today’s digital era though, getting these photographs off the accessory is tricky feat - or at least it used to be before the n [ … ]


RetroCollect FM - Retro Gaming Podcast - Issue 21: Cancelled Games

artworks cover

In the world of cinema, the term ‘development hell’ is regularly bandied about when describing a production that has been passed from director, to studio, to producer - often with the cast being changed drastically.


Nintendo Game Boy Adapter For GameCube Gets Enhanced Software 'Game Boy Interface'


To the untrained eye the Nintendo Game Boy Player adapter for the GameCube provides a pretty decent experience of handheld games on the big screen. In reality though, the software provided on the accompanying disc which is needed to load cartridges suffers from countless issues and drawbacks - duplicate frames, blurry visuals, and dim colouring. Al [ … ]


Associated Press Released Archived Nintendo Virtual Boy Footage From Shoshinkai 1994


Despite there being no more official releases for our beloved classic consoles, one of the best aspects of being a retro gamer is seeing new discoveries of our gaming past being uncovered. From unreleased video games to fan translation projects, it’s never quiet where retro gaming is concerned. One of the latest findings within the scene comes dire [ … ]

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