Japanese Exclusive Nintendo Game Boy RPG 'Wizardry Gaiden III: Scripture of the Dark' Fan Translated


Over the last year talented ROM hackers have been hard at work to gift Western gamers access to the Japanese exclusive Wizardry Gaiden series on the Nintendo Game Boy. Those hoping to tackle these hardcore text-heavy adventures can finally rejoice as yet another title in the series has finally been fan translated.


Unreleased Sonic Adventure Windy Valley Beta Level Restored


Back in May last year a user of the SonicRetro forums discovered an auto-rolling demo of Sonic Adventure. This early build of the game was nothing more than a demonstration of what was set to hit the Dreamcast, however, deep within were many uncovered secrets - one of which has now been recovered and made playable.


New Book 'Memoirs Of A Virtual Caveman' Captures The Early Years Of Our Gaming Past


While there's already a fantastic selection of video game books to dive into discussing the colourful history our favourite past time has had, we'll never refuse another. Memoirs of a Virtual Caveman is the latest title to hit the shelves, one packed to the brim with anecdotes and interviews surrounding one author's memories in the gaming world.


RGB Compatible 8-in-1 SCART Switcher 'gscartsw' Now Available


As many retro gamers will know, having a large selection of consoles often comes at a cost. Not only will there be a tangled sea of wires behind your TV, but also a battle for those few available Scart sockets. Clearly not happy with making a compromise, one gamer has built from the ground up an all-in-one solution allowing up to 8 different TV lea [ … ]


[Event] RetroCollect at Revival 2014 (Wolverhampton Race Course, 9-10th August)


With less than a month to go, RetroCollect will once again be in force for another gaming event taking place in the UK. Just because our HQ is online doesn’t mean the fun ends there, as on the 9th and 10th of August our team will be making an appearance at Revival in Wolverhampton with a plethora of challenges, competitions and more.


MP32C64 Add-On Brings MP3 Game Loading Functionality To The Commodore 64


Ask any retro gamer what one of the most memorable gaming sounds they know is, chances are they'll mention the screeches and squeals of a tape-based computer loading. While few of us have expansive collections of cassette around to relive this memory today, there's a new alternative in town which replaces the tapes with MP3 players.


'New Super Mario Bros Origins' Brings An Unofficial Remake Of The NES Classic To Nintendo DS


Where retro remakes are concerned, you have to admit, Nintendo are pretty good at giving the fans what they want. That said, the original Super Mario Bros seems to often miss out on the remake treatment, with Nintendo opting to only re-release the classic instead. This, however, is all about to change following a fan-made New Super Mario Bros DS RO [ … ]


'Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie' Gets A New Trailer & Release Dates


Although it only feels like yesterday that the Angry Video Game Nerd announced he'd be taking a break to make a movie, his full length feature film is just about ready for release. Rolfe has not only confirmed when gamers can expect his epic, but also released a new trailer packed to the brim with pixelicious comedy action.


Upcoming EzeeCube Media Centre Introduces 16-Bit Sega & Nintendo Cartridge Slots For Emulation


Emulation today is a beautiful thing. Whether you’re on the bus to work, at home on your trusty PC, or even left with a few free minutes on your mobile phone, there are now countless methods to revisit the classic consoles. The latest of these comes as a layered enhancement to the IndieGoGo funded EzeeCube Media Centre, one allowing you to actually [ … ]


Sega Mega Drive Inspired Mega-Bit Action Figures Hit Kickstarter


Now joining the Mega Drive Megatron is another articulated celebration of Sega’s console - the Mega-Bit. Currently on Kickstarter a toy designer is raising funds to create a range of action figures based upon the Mega Drive’s memorable 16-bit cartridge design, something which is also due to be officially licensed by Sega.


Retro Review: Earthworm Jim 3D (Nintendo 64)


Which came first - the bear or the worm? On the Nintendo 64 Banjo-Kazooie wins by a good year, but if we are harking back in time then Jim wins by a good five years. Our pesky invertebrate hero ran rough shot on the 16-bits systems - arguably two of the finest platform games aside from first party Sonic and Mario exploits. Jim was so popular at the [ … ]


Raspberry Pi Emulation Handheld Packed Into A Game Boy Pocket


Over the last few years we've seen some incredible uses for the Raspberry Pi computer, from miniature arcade machines to Amiga disk drive alternatives. The latest of these makes the most of the Game Boy, Nintendo NES, Master System, and Game Gear emulators available for the Raspberry Pi, all of which are now contained inside a Game Boy Pocket.


Mega Drive Megatron Transformer Figure Available For Pre-Order


Growing up in the late 80s was fantastic. Gaming was growing in popularity, countless cartoons commanded our television sets, and the range of articulated action figures was incredible. With this in mind, what would happen if all of these loves were combined? The Mega Drive Megatron of course, a Transformer finally available to pre-order in Japan.

[ … ]

Custom Modded Nintendo Game Boy Advance Goes XL With The 'BigBoy Advance'


When the Nintendo Game Boy Advance arrived on the scene, portable gaming had been revolutionised with an all new display larger than ever before. As time has gone on though, we've been spoilt with the likes of the Sony PSP and PS Vita's deluxe size screens - but that's all about to change. The BigBoy Advance is a custom GBA busting onto the scene w [ … ]


Playing Thirteen Connected Sonic & Knuckles Cartridges At Once On The Mega Drive


We've all seen those images online of countless Sonic & Knuckles cartridges bolted together into a Mega Drive skyscraper - but what happens if you actually attempt to play the game this way? One gamer has done just this and recorded snippets of the process which produce surprising results.

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