Commodore Goes Portable In Custom Amiga 1200 Suitcase


From Donkey Kong Country inspired Game Boy Advance handhelds to Nintendo NES consoles crammed into classic toys, a large majority of the desirable items in the retro gaming world today are handmade creations. Yet another addition into this one-of-a-kind collection is the Commodore Amiga Suitcase, the ultimate solution to gaming on the go.


Super Metroid Blasts Onto Commodore 64 Unofficially In Homebrew ‘Hyperion’


While Super Metroid may have been released many years after the Commodore 64, that doesn’t mean the classic computer should miss out on the action. Homebrew developers Georg Rottensteiner and Trevor Storey recently revealed their upcoming title Hyperion (due to be released by Psytronik Software and RGCD), which further proves console gaming can be [ … ]


[Event] Video Game Market 2 - UK's Biggest Gaming Sales Fair Kicks Off 7th February


It’s nearly here, the Video Game Market 2! With less than two weeks to go until we’ll be feasting our eyes on a venue filled to the brim with retro game sellers and specialists, but the more important question is, are you ready? With over 100 tables loaded with the classics, merchandise, gear, and more, this is one event you don’t want to miss.


Krikzz Releases Reprogrammable Mega Drive Cartridge Kit


Further proving his prowess with Sega’s 16-bit console, the creator of the Mega Everdrive and Everdrive-MD flash cartridges has just released a new addition to his hardware range. Krikzz’s FlashKit MD is a cheaper alternative to the SD Card enabled devices, allowing gamers to program a single game ROM onto cartridge.


Cancelled Commodore 64 Port of ‘Populous’ Surfaces Online


Although making a name for itself on the Amiga, it would appear that Bullfrog and Electronic Arts had plans to bring Populous to the Commodore 64. While the game may have been cancelled by EA Germany, an early prototype and technical demo has since surfaced online for gamers to sample.


ControlView - The Ultimate Sega Dreamcast Controller Modification

ControlView Dreamcast Controller by [Fibbef]

Actually, that title is a bit misleading - the ultimate Dreamcast controller would be one that added a second analogue stick on the right hand side... but we're getting ahead of ourselves. The Dreamcast is a console that was officially cancelled by Sega in 2001, but here in 2015 it is a system that continues to impress with it's extended lifespan; [ … ]


Super Mario World Speedrun Record Broken In Under 6 Minutes


Believe it or not but the 16-bit classic Super Mario World can be beaten in a mere few minutes. While this speedrun may rely on taking advantage of the console’s memory and forcing it to run beneficial glitches, pulling them off without an emulator is anything but easy. With countless gamers fighting for the fastest time, a new record has been set [ … ]


Japan-Exclusive Sega Mega Drive RPG "Rent-a-Hero" Fan-Translated

Fans of Sega RPGs beyond Phantasy Star (and anyone out there who's unlocked all the characters in Fighters Megamix) should be delighted to know that after the longest time, the weird Mega Drive RPG developed by the legendary AM2, Rent-a-Hero, has finally been fan-translated.


Unreleased Super Nintendo Comicbook Game ‘Shadowhawk’ Due For Physical Release This Year


Following on from a year packed to the brim with unreleased video games surfacing and being preserved in ROM format, it would appear that yet another missing 16-bit title is due to be made available. Rose Colored Gaming appear to have obtained a prototype copy of Shadowhawk for the Super Nintendo, something they’re gearing up for a physical release [ … ]


Last Ninja 2 Port Discovered For Unreleased Konix Multisystem Console


The Konix Multisystem is an interesting piece of unreleased and long lost video game hardware. Due to feature just about every form of accessory within, the console was scrapped very early into development. That said, code for unfinished and unreleased games have since surfaced, with the latest being Last Ninja 2.


Book Review: The Sega Mega Drive/Genesis: Collected Works


Over the last few years we’ve seen an incredible rise in the number of retro gaming fan projects materialising following the arrival of Kickstarter. From brand new Nintendo NES games to HDMI upgrades for the Game Boy, all kinds of ideas are getting the support they deserve due to this revolutionary way of funding creativity. Amidst all these fantas [ … ]


Amiibo Fever: Nintendo's New Take On 'Gotta Catch 'Em All'


For collectors, of video games or otherwise, there seems to be a need to prove commitment to something. You see it time and again if you do a search for "Amiibo Collection" on YouTube. Nintendo have somehow managed to market these plastic figures in such a way that buying just one isn't an option. If you want Amiibo, it seems you have to buy them a [ … ]


Fans Petition For Sega To Bring 'Sonic 3 & Knuckles Remastered' To Mobile Devices


Several months back, it was revealed that the developers behind the mobile ports of the first two Sonic The Hedgehog games had created a touchscreen prototype of Sonic 3 & Knuckles. With solid evidence on show that the third entry in the series would look great on the go, fans have started a campaign to get Sega to take note and make this unfin [ … ]


#52GameChallenge 2015 Begins - Beat A Game A Week This Year


As game collectors, we’re often guilty of buying more titles than we actually play. From job lots to deals too good to be true, we’ve all amassed a backlog of classics to keep us busy for quite some time. These neglected titles, and all your favourites too, are about to get the play-time they deserve as your resolution this new year is to beat a ga [ … ]


Capcom’s Notoriously Bad Mega Man Artwork Reimagined In Action Figure Form


When the debate over bad box art rises, you can always assume that Capcom’s North American release of Mega Man will no doubt be near the top of anyone’s list. The questionably atrocious design of the blue bomber is insulting to the title’s fantastic gameplay, however, it’s an amusing sight looking back nostalgically. Taking it one step further, one [ … ]

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