Korean Exclusive Master System 'Robocop' Game Discovered


From original developers releasing their canned work for free to online preservation efforts seeking out the unusual items, one of the greatest aspects of being a retro gamer is knowing that unreleased, unfinished and obscure video games are still out there waiting to be discovered. The latest of this kind hails from Korea, an original and unique t [ … ]


Chinese Nintendo NES Homebrew 'Star Keeper' In Development


Over many many years the Chinese output on retro consoles has sadly become known for its dire and bootleg offerings. Having said that, it would appear that there is a retro gaming diamond in this rough - one which has quietly been working on brand new Nintendo NES game for the last two years.


RetroCollect FM - Bonus Stage: Interview with Replay Event's & Console Passion's Andy B


With Play Blackpool just around the corner and Play Expo on the horizon, RetroCollect decided to take a break from discussing consoles and video games of past to sit down with one of the key event organisers in the UK. With plenty to discuss regarding these upcoming dates and more, we discuss everything you'd ever want to know about these exhibitio [ … ]


Top 25 Greatest Nintendo Game Boy Games Of All Time


To further celebrate the Nintendo Game Boy’s 25th anniversary, we’ve decided to look back at the handheld and discuss what may be the greatest titles to ever hit the portable. With hundreds of stand-out releases on offer, it’s been no easy feat compacting the handheld’s library down to a top ten.


Happy 25th Anniversary To The Nintendo Game Boy


Twenty five years ago today, Japanese gamers would soon be waking up to a day like no other, one where the term ‘handheld gaming’ was about to be born. The Nintendo Game Boy had arrived, promising pocket Mario adventures along with other portable NES-like experiences on the go. And as they say, the rest is history.


Interceptor Entertainment Uncovers Early Versions Of 'Duke Nukem 3D' & Other 3D Realms Classics


After buying 3D Realms in March, Interceptor Entertainment has been rooting through the archives it acquired to get more of an idea on the company's history. In doing so, a plethora of unfinished and unreleased titles from both the 3D Realms and Apogee days have been discovered, many of which could be released to the public in the near future.


Humongous Entertainment's Putt-Putt, Pajama Sam & Freddi Fish DOS Classics Brought To Steam


If you grew up as a kid in the nineties, the term edutainment will no doubt ring a few bells. Many software publishers decided that there was a huge gap in the market for video games to serve as a way of learning. While most of titles falling into this genre were a chore, Humongous Entertainment's efforts to create child-friendly adventures had a l [ … ]


Is Lucasarts 'Day Of The Tentacle' Heading To The Mega Drive?


Stranger things have happened in the retro gaming world. We've seen Wolfenstein 3D modified into a bible-em-up, unreleased vulgar versions of NBA Jam, and even efforts to dig up the rumoured landfill of Atari cartridges. So the arrival of a homebrew attempt to bring Lucasarts Day of the Tentacle over to the Sega Mega Drive should come as no su [ … ]


Store Tour & Interview: Level Up Games! Canterbury, UK


Whilst on the way to GEEK2014 a few months ago we stopped by Canterbury on the day for a surprise visit to Level Up Games!


[Event] RetroCollect At Play Blackpool Announcement - Retro Gaming Competitions & More


Needless to say, yet again, RetroCollect will be in force at another retro gaming event in the UK this year - one which is a mere few weeks away. As usual we have an array of gaming competitions and challenges to keep you busy, along with our ever active stall featuring all kinds of retro-goodness.


RetroCollect FM - Retro Gaming Podcast - Issue 05: Defending The Atari Jaguar


So the 64-bit beast known as the Atari Jaguar might not have the best rap around, but why is that? After sitting down with one of the biggest Atari nuts in the UK, RetroCollect discuss what went wrong with the Jaguar and why it should actually be given a fair trial in the gaming world.


Japanese Exclusive Super Famicom RPG 'Chaos Seed' Translated


Despite only just reporting on another Japanese exclusive RPG getting the fan translation treatment, it would appear we have yet another to add to our gaming backlog. Acclaimed ROM hackers Dynamic Designs have finally finished the English language patch for the quirky and unusual Chaos Seed - an underground land healing adventure on the SNES.


Homebrew Adventure 'The Lost Caves of Kroz' Heading To The Intellivision Soon


For quite some time now Elektronite have been working on a rather impressive game for the Intellivision - one which appears to push the system to its upper limits. Although no solid release date for this title has been set as of yet, The Lost Caves of Kroz appears to be shaping up rather well following the arrival of new gameplay footage on YouTube [ … ]


Philips Videopac Classic 'Munchkin' Ported To Atari 2600 Via Starpath SuperCharger


Heavily based on Namco's timeless Pac-Man, Munchkin was the Videopac's answer to the arcade classic - and inevitably one which landed Philips in lawsuit territory. Nevertheless this gobble-em-up clone has since become one of the most memorable titles on the Videopac, so much so it has now been unofficially ported to the Atari 2600.


Psikyo's Shmup 'Gunbird 2' Blasts Onto iOS & Android


Over the last few years an array of scrolling shooter have been ported to touchscreen devices including the likes of Ikaruga, Espgaluda and Raiden. The latest title to be joining these classics on both iOS and Android is Psikyo's frantic arcade shmup Gunbird 2.

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