Unreleased Super Nintendo 'PlayStation' CD-Addon (SNES-CD) Prototype Console Discovered


The fall out between Sony and Nintendo's mid-nineties collaboration is well documented online, with the collapse of the SNES-CD unit paving way for the unstoppable PlayStation. Since then various tidbits of information, photographs, and documents have since surfaced on this fabled device. As of today though it would appear one lucky individual happ [ … ]


Secret Of Mana Gets Upgraded CD-Quality Soundtrack On Super Nintendo With MSU-1 Support


To say the Super Nintendo sound chip had depth would be an understatement. Countless titles hitting the 16-bit platform had stunning and atmospheric soundtracks, many of which leaving you questioning what the system could really do. One of the most standout collection of compositions to ever grace the platform arrived through Secret of Mana - a tit [ … ]


Super Famicom Exclusive RPG ‘Romancing SaGa’ Fan Translated Into English


Ever since Romancing SaGa was released on the Super Famicom in 1992, readers of magazines such as Super Play and other import-orientated publications were left longing for Squaresoft’s monumental RPG adventure. Despite remaining a Japanese exclusive (at least until the PlayStation 2 remake in North America), the 16-bit version of Romancing SaGa was [ … ]


Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time ‘The Third Quest’ Fan-Made Nintendo 64 Sequel In Development


If you’ve beaten both Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask you’ll no doubt be lusting after yet another expansive quest for the N64. Although anything but approved by Nintendo, fans of these 64-bit adventures have begun work on an all new title in the Legend of Zelda series known as The Third Quest.


Retro City Rampage Demake Heading To MS-DOS


One of the more recent neo-retro releases which has been worth picking up is VBlank’s Retro City Rampage. Having originally started life as a Grand Theft Auto clone for the Nintendo NES, indie developer is digging deeper into his roots and porting the popular title down to MS-DOS.


Coin-Op Classic 'R-Type Deluxe' In Development For Atari STe


As we all know too well, R-Type is one of the greatest scrolling shooters to ever grace the arcades. Since its release the game has arrived on a whole host of different systems, however, few of these ports have managed to replicate the coin-op chaos perfectly. One that comes to mind is the Atari ST version - one suffering from jerky animation and a [ … ]


North American Nintendo NES Checklist Condensed Into Book Form Via Kickstarter


If you're collecting Nintendo NES games in North America, you'll no doubt be familiar with how tough it is to keep track of the many different releases on offer. With over 700 games to be found, those who have managed to source each and every one of these games - including Stadium Events - will no doubt tell you how important it is having online ga [ … ]


Japanese Exclusive Sega Saturn Fighter ‘Asuka 120% Limit Over’ Fan Translated Into English


In 1997 Japanese developers Fill-in-Cafe released another entry into their long running Asuka 120% Burning Fest series on the Sega Saturn known as Asuka 120% Limited. Not too long after the fighting game was hacked apart by fans (or possibly the game's original team) and re-released under the new name Asuka 120% Limit Over - a version which address [ … ]


Retro Review: Blood - Cryptic Passage (PC)


Many know of the brilliant first-person shooter Duke Nukem 3D, which was packed with raunchy content, oodles of aliens to gib and massacre with an array of deadly weapons, maze-like missions and plenty of cheesy one-liners. Blood, on the other hand, is a lesser-known gem from the late nineties. Instead of sci-fi themes and nudity, there were horror [ … ]


Pre-Orders Open For Cyber Gadget’s Upcoming Multi-Console System ‘Retro Freak’ On Amazon Japan


Although the feature packed rival to the RetroN 5 has only just been announced, it would appear this all-in-one system is already available to pre-order. Coming in two different flavours, early adopters of Cyber Gadget's Retro Freak can either secure a barebones system capable of playing eleven different systems, or one that comes equipped with an [ … ]


Capcom's Arcade Classic 'Ghosts'n Goblins' Gets Unofficial Remake For Commodore 64


Back in the day gamers always found themselves unsure on whether or not they should be buying a home conversions of arcade machines for 8-bit computers. Although promising as much action as their respective coin-ops, some of these offerings were sloppy conversions either lacking key features or similarities to their source. One of the more notable [ … ]


Japanese Exclusive Nintendo Famicom Turn-Based Strategy 'King of Kings' Fan Translated Into English


Many gamer's first experiences with the turn-based strategy genre on consoles were had with the arrival of games like Final Fantasy Tactics and Advance Wars. Looking back though, there were plenty more strategy based battlers on offer, only the majority of them skipped out on worldwide releases. One of the most notable titles in the genre, King of [ … ]


Retro Gamer Recreates Super Mario Bros 3 Overworld Map As Crocheted Rug


One of the greatest aspects of the retro gaming community is seeing the various projects and creations its members undertake. From gender-balancing console variations (such as the Nintendo Virtual Girl) to even unofficial sequels to games like Donkey Kong Country, each and every week brings along a newly threaded mix of nostalgia and love for the h [ … ]


Super Mario Kart Re-imagined In Super Nintendo ROM Hack 'Super Baldy Kart'


From the Donut Plains to Rainbow Road, we've all mastered the twists and turns of the tracks on the original Super Mario Kart. Fans of the series now have another take on the 16-bit classic to put their foot through - Super Baldy Kart. This comprehensive ROM hack is set to give both the pros and 50cc-ers an all new selection of both circuits and ch [ … ]


Vintage Computer Emulator 'PCem' Now Running 3Dfx Based Windows Games


For many emulation fans, finding something capable of playing Windows based games from around 1998 onwards has been a bit of a chore. Some gamers have resorted to building their own vintage systems, however, there's a new solution now on offer known as PCem - an old computer emulator capable of running the more high-end early Windows titles.

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