Get Festive With Super Mario World SNES ROM Hack 'A Haunted Christmas'


With the festive holiday just around the corner, we'll be needing a few more games to delve into alongside Christmas NiGHTs and Daze Before Christmas. Although there are few other Christmas themed games to choose from, ROM hackers have gifted us with a selection of snow-ridden alternatives to tuck into over the next few days. One of these worth exp [ … ]


Book Review: Super Red Green Blue


In recent times we have seen a multitude of high quality books released that have illustrated the highlights of our favourite retro systems. The Mega Drive/Super Nintendo book from Retro Gamer publisher Imagine, Commodore 64: A Visual Commpendium from Bitmap Books, and the recently reviewed Push Start – The Art of Video Games are all great addition [ … ]


Cart Wars - Episode 1: The Evolution of the Cartridge


The video game industry of the late 1980s-mid 90s was a fierce battleground. As the console manufacturers locked horns, a bitter conflict spanning the US, Europe and Japan was fought. Loyal allegiances were formed as bits fought bytes and processors grappled with pixel counts. Lives were lost and continues were consumed, but by no means would any s [ … ]


Book Review: Push Start - The Art of Video Games


Video games as art is a debate that has been raging for decades, but we as gamers know that the conception and creation of such incredible storytelling, iconic music and amazing artwork proves the medium to be just that.  Push Start is a compendium of pixel-perfect screenshots chronicling gaming history - from classics like Space Invaders [ … ]


Unreleased Nintendo NES Prototype Cartridge of 'Chip's Challenge' Goes Up For Auction


Just when you thought you'd played every Nintendo NES game out there, another previously undiscovered title has surfaced on eBay of all places. Arriving on a one of a kind prototype cartridge, bidding has gotten fierce for the 8-bit console port of Chip's Challenge - a fan favourite top down puzzler which first arrived on the Atari Lynx.


The Vectrex Gets Festive With 'Save The Trees' and 'Stocking Filler' Homebrew Christmas Games


If for whatever reason Christmas NiGHTs isn't enough to keep you busy this winter, dust off the Vectrex and get ready to feel festive. One homebrew developer is gearing up the release of two brand new games for the vector-based console - a high score frantic scrolling shooter and an addictive collect 'em up.


Review: Rock Boshers DX: Director's Cut (PS Vita)


Queen Victoria's gone to Mars to kick ass and drink tea...and she's all outta tea! So goes the tag line for Rock Boshers DX: Director's Cut, the latest PS Vita/PS4 offering from Tikipod - creators of another recent retro-themed indie title, Aqua Kitty DX.


Square Enix's 'Dragon Quest III' Arrives on iOS & Android


Twenty six years ago Enix released the third instalment to their hugely popular Dragon Quest series on the Nintendo Famicom. Although seeing release in North America, Dragon Quest III like many of the other earlier titles skipped out on a European release. As of today, European gamers can finally set out on this vintage adventure thanks to the all [ … ]


Konami's PlayStation 1 Classics 'Suikoden I & II' Coming to EU PSN in January


Great news for JRPG fans in Europe as Konami have announced that the highly desirable Sony PlayStation games Suikoden and Suikoden II are coming to PlayStation Network in January.


Square Enix Announce 'Final Fantasy VII' Rerelease for PlayStation 4 in 2015


At PlayStation's new annual event, Final Fantasy producer Shinji Hashimoto started a short presentation with the famous Final Fantasy VII logo appearing on the screens behind him....could it be? Could we really be about to see the announcement that millions of gamers have been waiting for since Square-Enix showed off that tech-demo of Cloud for PS3 [ … ]


Double Fine Announce 'Day of the Tentacle Special Edition'


Mere weeks after the creators of Maniac Mansion Ron Gilbert & Gary Winnick launched a Kickstarter to fund their point and click revival Thimbleweed Park, LucasArts veteran Tim Schafer has announced that an adventure classic is due for a remake. The critically acclaimed Day of the Tentacle is being remastered for modern platforms. [ … ]


British Gaming Powerhouse 'Gremlin Graphics' Set For Historical Book 'A Gremlin In The Works'


Growing up in the United Kingdom in the early 80s was nothing short a of a dream. Software powerhouses were popping up everywhere and the ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64 and Amstrad CPC gaming boom was born. Out of this era rose an iconic studio which created countless classics, Gremlin Graphics.


Ralph Baer 'The Father of Video Games' Passes Away At 92


As the games we know and love grow with age, sadly those behind our favourite creations do too. After 92 long years, the inventor often referred to as the Father of Video Games for his early work creating the Magnavox Odyssey, Ralph Baer has passed away.


After Burner Climax to be Delisted from XBLA/PSN on December 24th

Fans of blue skies, barrel-rolling and Sega arcade ports need to hurry up- the only home port of AM2's After Burner Climax will be delisted from Xbox Live Marketplace and Playstation Network by the 24th of December.


Guide: How To Avoid Fake & Bootleg Retro Games On eBay


It's the nightmare we have all battled. You've successfully sniped, battled with PayPal, waited for the item to arrive in the post and pulled it from the box that you paid extra to have it delivered in. It was worth the extra expense as this is a game you've wanted for years - something you never thought you would be able to get. It was certainly w [ … ]

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