English Fan Translation Patch In Development For Game Boy Advance RPG ‘Magical Vacation’


As far as fan translations for older games go, there are very few stand out titles for the earlier systems which are still in need of localisation. One glaring omission from the ROM hacking scene however, is an English language patch for the Japanese exclusive Game Boy Advance adventure Magical Vacation - a title which is finally being worked on.


Maximum Power Up Podcast - Episode 19: id Software

MPU Ep19 id Software 670x447

With a history reaching back over 20 years, id Software has cemented itself as one of the premier developers when it comes to first person shooters. Doom revitalised the genre and the legacy of that game in particular needs no introduction. But what of the other titles in the id Software library?


Hardware Review: BitBoy (SD Card Ready Game Boy Printer Replacement)


As technology continues to press on, a wide range of devices once fulfilling our daily needs are sadly lost to time. While the retro gaming community may still be championing their classic consoles, there are still aspects of our hobby that remain somewhat abandoned. Although only focusing on a small sector of this issue, one New York based gamer h [ … ]


Homebrew Review: 8Bit Music Power (Nintendo Famicom)


Releasing music in a bizarre or antiquated format is nothing new - just look at the tiny hand-cranked music box Mogwai released their 2004 single Tracy on; or Jack White’s decision to release a collection of his songs on a vinyl record that could only be played properly at 3rpm. There are undoubtedly even more weird and wonderfully original uses [ … ]


RetroCollect Video Game Database Update: Rarities & US Xbox and N-Gage


It's time for the first update of the RetroCollect Video Game Database in 2016, which finally adds some new PAL rarities as well as new US platforms and various other games. Continue reading to find out about all the changes.


New & Updated Nintendo Famicom Disk System USB Adapter ‘FDSemu’ ROM Loader Out Now


Late last year an all new device was launched that allowed Nintendo Famicom Disk System games to be run from a small USB adapter. Having seen plenty of interest, it would appear another alternative known as FDSemu has hit the retro gaming market with some added features.


Brand New Scrolling Shooter ‘Fatal Smarties’ Blasts Onto Sega Mega Drive At Global Game Jam 2016


Every year a group of game developers unite to take part in an event with the collaborative aim of creating brand new experiences. The Global Game Jam sees countless indie games born out of quick coding sessions - with this year’s introducing an all new Mega Drive scrolling shooter known as Fatal Smarties.


Japanese Exclusive Super Famicom Action-Adventure ‘Kishin Douji Zenki: Battle Raiden’ Fan Translated


Japan, home of countless exclusive video games which turned so many of us to the wonderful world of importing. One of the finer offerings from the Far East for the Super Nintendo was the import-only Kishin Douji Zenki: Battle Raiden. This manga-based action adventure has finally been given an unofficial localisation through fan translation group Dy [ … ]


Unreleased Sony PSP ‘Saint’s Row: Undercover’ Up For Free Download Via Original Developers Volition


As far as video game prototypes go their arrival online in a playable form is usually thanks to community efforts and generous individuals. On the rare occasion though, developers who have worked on long lost titles occasionally surface to showcase their efforts - with the latest being the team behind the unreleased Sony PlayStation Portable title [ … ]


Maximum Power Up Podcast - Bonus Episode: Video Game Market 3

MPU BE Video Game Market 670x447

The Video Games Market is back for its 3rd year and this time bigger and better! Paul sits down with RetroCollect's very own Adam Buchanan to discuss the stalls, what to expect and more. Give the interview a listen and make sure you get along!


Unofficial ‘Gradius II’ Mega Drive Conversion In Development


In 1988 Konami stormed the arcades with their highly anticipated follow up to Gradius. Despite being a fairly prominent release, this fantastic horizontal shooter only made its way onto the Nintendo Famicom, Sharp X68000 and PC Engine CD, all of which remaining as Japanese exclusives. Sega Mega Drive owners, however, may soon be sampling this exclu [ … ]


[UPDATE] Umihara Kawase Trilogy Returning to Steam after Brief Delisting


One of the perils of digital storefronts is that when a game's gone- such as when a license gets pulled, or the licenseholder goes out of businses- it's gone forever. That might've been the fate of the Umihara Kawase trilogy of physics-based platformers on Steam, but they're getting a second chance.


Retro Review: Blood II: The Chosen (PC)


Not every 3D-shooter had the same success as the critically-acclaimed Quake series. Monolith hastily cranked out a sequel to the super-violent, cult-classic Blood, a Duke Nukem 3D-like shooter with bucket-loads of giblets, horror references and dark humour. It was a challenging game, featuring maze-like levels ranging from raided urban areas to bar [ … ]


Missing In Action: Nintendo 64's Long Lost Classics - Part 3


The Nintendo 64 is an ideal ‘what if’ console. Unfinished titles are literally popping out of the wood work on an almost monthly basis now, so technically this series of articles could go on for a while. So sit back, grab a brew and relive the days when games were cancelled at the last minute and the only way you ever found out about them was in a [ … ]


Hardware Review: Rhea / Phoebe - SD Card Enabled Sega Saturn CD Drive Replacement


With countless titles being ported to the Sega Saturn from the coin-ops, along with unique experiences such as Panzer Dragoon Saga, the 1994 console has quite the strong following. One fan of the system in particular though has pretty much immortalised the Saturn for future generations, by providing the flash cartridge experience on the CD based sy [ … ]

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