Unofficial Shenmue HD Remaster In Development


Despite an overwhelming demand from fans for a follow up, the Dreamcast's iconic series Shenmue has been somewhat forgotten by Sega. With just over a decade since the last official release arrived, it would appear that fans have decided to take matters into their own hands. Believe it or not but a HD remake of Shenmue is in the works.


The Power Of Glove: A Documentary On The Nintendo NES's Most Notorious Accessory


Twenty five years ago a gaming accessory was unleashed on the world that would change the playing field forever. The Power Glove held such great promise within its futuristic fingertips, although the technology within failed to impress. Fast forward to today and this unusual controller has since become one ingrained in pop-culture, modern modificat [ … ]


'Night Trap ReVamped' Kickstarter Set To Bring The FMV Classic To Modern Platforms


Back in May the creator of the Mega CD FMV hit Night Trap confirmed that the cult classic would be making a return in the near future. Just mere months later, a Kickstarter has been launched with the aim of re-releasing the 1992 video game on modern platforms under the new name Night Trap ReVamped.


Nintendo 64 ROM Hack 'Legend of Zelda: Waluigi of Time' Casts The Purple Plumber As The Hero


Over the years we've seen our fair share of unusual and plain bonkers modifications to classic games. Take for example Sonic The Hedgehog's unofficial debut on the Super Nintendo through a hacked version of Speedy Gonzales. These prior efforts, however, are about to seem pale after one gamer's adjustments to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - p [ … ]


USB-GDROM Controller: Sega Dreamcast Gets Another Disc Drive Replacement Allowing Up To 2TB Of Game Storage


Not too long ago a mass storage solution arrived on the Sega Dreamcast, replacing the console's internal disc drive. As fantastic as the GDEMU is, it would appear a much more advanced alternative has hit the scene via Russia - the USB-GDROM Controller.


Super Fighter Team To Release 20th Anniversary Edition Of Sega Mega Drive RPG 'Beggar Prince'


Back in 2006 the retro gaming publishers Super Fighter Team secured the rights to translate and re-release on cartridge a long lost Chinese Sega Mega Drive / Genesis RPG. Beggar Prince was one of the first new titles to hit the 16-bit console in years, and needless to say it sold out pretty quick. Several print runs later, gamers wanting to get the [ … ]


Square Enix's Secret Of Mana iOS Port Heading To Android


While they may not be the cheapest apps around, it's always a pleasure seeing Square Enix dipping into their back catalogue and porting classics to modern devices. Successful series such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest can easily be enjoyed once again on the go, along with the likes of the Super Nintendo adventure Secret of Mana - the latter of w [ … ]


Ocean's Isometric Platformer 'Batman' Set For MSX2 Remake


In the mid-eighties, isometric platforming adventures were all the rage. Ultimate Play The Game made a name for themselves through titles such as Alien 8 and Knight Lore, whilst other developers churned out classics like Head Over Heels. This trend then made its way into licensed tie-ins, with the superhero Batman soon stepping into the 3D world. A [ … ]


Review: The Bureau: XCOM Declassified (Xbox 360)


Games which have a prolonged development process usually have issues – Duke Nukem anyone? The Bureau: XCOM Declassified had been announced way back in 2006 and in 2010 it was to be a first person shooter named ‘XCOM.’ 2K Games set their demo stall out: a 1950s/60s setting where agents do battle with an alien masquerading as a housewife. Then all he [ … ]


[Event] Video Game Market 2 Confirmed For 7th February 2015


Not too long ago this year an army of retro gamers descended on the first of many Video Game Market events. This blockbuster event organised by RetroCollect was not only a place for retro gamers to meet up, but also one to find countless bargains and rarities under one roof. After months of planning, we’re pleased to announce that the second Video [ … ]


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 30th Anniversary Custom Painted Nintendo NES Console


To even think that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles debuted three decades ago this year will no doubt make you feel old. As retro gamers though, we’re used to such birthdays with both Sonic and Mario also celebrating big numbers too. With this in mind, several members of the community have taken pizza time to the next level with their stunning (and [ … ]


Capcom’s Resident Evil Set For Next Gen REmake In 2015


In 2002 Capcom resurrected the PlayStation survival horror hit on the Nintendo Gamecube with all new visuals, twists, and turns. Thirteen years later, it appears that the Resident Evil remake is now being brought to modern consoles with even more gruesome detail than ever before.


Unreleased Mega Drive Port Of Bill's Tomato Game Released On Reproduction Cartridge


Twenty two years ago Psygnosis launched on the Commodore Amiga a frustrating-yet-addictive puzzler starring an unlikely vegetable hero. Bill's Tomato Game was a huge hit, one which was supposedly due to hit the Mega Drive next. While this Sega plant never bore fruit, those currently in possession of the only known prototype have created a run of re [ … ]


Nintendo Virtual Boy Gets A Sister: The Virtual Girl


Throughout Nintendo's colourful past, their handheld systems have usually been given a masculine name. While there may have been pink versions of the Game Boy, Nintendo have never referred to any of these as being a Game Girl. Having said that, one retro gamer is about to rewrite history by modifying a Nintendo Virtual Boy into a Virtual Girl.


Ocean's 'Where Time Stood Still' Unofficially Ported To Commodore Amiga


In 1988 British powerhouse Ocean released a unique looking isometric 3D adventure for both the ZX Spectrum and Atari ST known as Where Time Stood Still. While many Amiga gamers were patiently awaiting their version of the game, it sadly never reached the Commodore platform - at least until now. Twenty six years later, Commodore Amiga aficionados ha [ … ]

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