Hardcore Gaming 101 Release The Ultimate Guide To Castlevania


If there's anyone that knows retro games inside out, it's Hardcore Gaming 101. Having earned a reputation for their extensive research, accurate facts, and expansive information, the team behind the website have been working together to create the definitive anthology of the Castlevania series. Not only does this compendium cover every single game [ … ]


Brand New Nintendo NES Adventure 'Mystic Searches' Hits Kickstarter


Remember the days when we designed our own video games on paper and fantasised about our creations translating into pixels? Well one inspired gamer recently found his childhood drawings and decided it was about time he did his past justice. Turning to Kickstarter, Joe Granato has not only set out to create his dream game Mystic Searches for the Nin [ … ]


SNES Platformer Donkey Kong Country Recreated In Doom


Doom is one of my favourite games. I’ve played pretty much every console port of id’s genre-defining first person shooter and have poured uncountable hours into wandering the dank, deserted halls of the UAC’s military outposts, discovering the secrets of the mining operation on Mars and traversing the bowels of Hell itself. All the while, deftly di [ … ]


Review: Shovel Knight (Nintendo Wii U)


There have been plenty of video games that have released over the course of the past few years that have taken advantage of the retro boom. Even the original heroes have returned for brief moments of glory, with games like Capcom’s Mega Man 9 reminding us why it’s so good to relive those glory days. But with every indie developer throwing ideas to [ … ]


Brand New Sega Game Gear Backlight In Development


While the Game Gear may have been technically superior than its nearest counterpart, the over-ambitious nature of the handheld left it with many flaws. The biggest disappointment of all with Sega's portable was its wishy-washy backlight - one which often left gamers squinting to see. That's all about to change though thanks to one gamer's on-going [ … ]


Modern Remake Of Atari's Arcade Classic 'Gauntlet' Due For Release This Month


As awesome as it was to grow up in the eighties, we didn't half burn through countless credits in the arcades. Atari's 1985 coin-op hit Gauntlet was one of the many penny munchers out there, encouraging gamers to 'purchase' more in-game health. Later this month though the credits are no more as WB Games are set to re-release the title with a modern [ … ]


Motorola's Latest Smart Watch Gets GoldenEye 007 Health Display


We're all kids at heart, right? Sure, we may not be playing GoldenEye 007 religiously on our Nintendo 64 any more, but the desire to be a secret agent never left us! Well thanks to Motorola, we may just be able to re-enact our N64 days with their latest smart watch - one with a rather familiar interface built in.


Before Mario Announce Book On Nintendo's Pre-Gaming Toys & Collectables


Although most will remember Nintendo from their creations of the 80s and onwards, there's a much more detailed past to the Japanese company that spans all the way back to 1889. Toys, games, playing cards and more could all be found under their name, many items of which you'll soon be able to read about in an upcoming book.


Online Documentary 'Diggin' In The Carts' Details The Colourful Past Behind Retro Video Game Music


We can all hum the iconic theme tunes to Super Mario Bros, Sonic The Hedgehog and just about every other classic we grew up with - but how many of us can actually name who composed these melodies? Knowing many of these musicians never got the credit they deserved, the brand new online documentary series Diggin' In The Carts has begun tracking down [ … ]


Japanese Exclusive Promotional Sega Dreamcast Adventure 'What's Shenmue?' Fan Translated Into English, Spanish & German


Believe it or not but the Sega Dreamcast made its punchy debut in North America fifteen years ago today. To help celebrate this monumental slice of retro gaming history, the prolific Shenmue fan site Shenmue Dojo have prepared a little something for fans of the 128-bit console. As of now the Japanese exclusive promotional demo of Shenmue known as W [ … ]


New World Record 'Donkey Kong' High Score Takes King Of Kong Crown


Following the successful release of the 2007 documentary The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters, a heated battle has taken place around the world with many individuals attempting to become the greatest Donkey Kong player around. After two years of chasing Hank Chien's high score, Robbie Lakeman has become the new King of Kong.


Review: 8Bitdo's NES30 Bluetooth Gamepad


Anyone playing games on their mobile device today will no doubt be familiar with the trade off between control pads and touchscreen input. Whether you find yourself slipping from the touchscreen’s hit zones, or screaming at a poorly made D-Pad, neither have really done our games justice. But what if a company was to take a well-known, and much love [ … ]


Damaged Goods: Why Retro Gamers Should Learn To Love Worn Cardboard Boxes & Poor Condition Classics


"I'm really sorry" read the email from the eBay seller, "the corners of the box are a bit worn but otherwise it's in perfect condition". There really was no reason for the seller to be sorry; this was exactly what I wanted to hear and I put a bid in immediately. In the antiques world there's a word for this appealing damage; Patina.


Arcades In The Movies: A Mashup Of Iconic Scenes Featuring Coin-Op Classics


Since the early 80s, video games, arcades, and the movies have been somewhat synonymous with one another as technology has advanced. During this time, countless coin-ops have made numerous appearances on the silver-screen, from the likes of Back To The Future's nostalgic look back on Wild Gunman, to The Wizard's laughable high-score antics with Dou [ … ]


Homebrew Neo Geo Shooter 'Razion' Released On AES & MVS


Mere months after making their initial announcement, NG:DEV.TEAM have released their highly anticipated Neo Geo shooter. Mixing together timeless elements from R-Type and Pulstar with a European twist, Razion is ready to boost your AES and MVS system with added firepower.

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