Brand New Homebrew Mode 7 Shooter 'Hind Strike' Announced For Super Nintendo


If for whatever reason you've ran out of Super Nintendo titles to be battling through, then worry no more. Piko Interactive recently revealed their plans for the rest of the year, something which included the announcement of an all new helicopter based shooter for the 16-bit system utilising the impressive Mode 7 graphics mode.


RetroCollect FM - Retro Gaming Podcast - Issue 19: R-Type


In 1987 Irem's classic R-Type burst into the arcades and had many of us feeding the system, all whilst we scrolled through the universe to defeat the Evil Bydo Empire. Later ported to our home systems, R-Type spawned many sequels which soon turned it into one of Irem's most popular series. But how does the classic fare many years later?


Retro Review: Gain Ground (Sega Mega Drive)


What do you get when you mix together a top-down shooter with limited characters, plenty of baddies and thirty challenging levels? You get Gain Ground, an action-strategy game released for the Sega Mega Drive (or Genesis for all you Yanks out there), released in 1988. It's a console port of the arcade version of the same name, where players must ma [ … ]


Addictive PC Puzzler Chip’s Challenge Due For Re-Release & Sequel Via Steam


Chip’s Challenge for many is what we’d consider a nostalgic hit. The addictive puzzler was a well remembered title for various home computers, providing countless brain-twisters through a grid based environment. Although fondly remembered, it’s taken 25 years for the game to see a sequel - something which will soon be available via Steam.


Retro Review: Shadow Warrior: Wanton Destruction (PC)


Lo Wang is Duke Nukem's brother from another mother, a master ninja with a tendency to slice up foes with his katana whilst cracking cheesy, and often racist, one-liners. Shadow Warrior was a smashing game from the late '90s, despite lacklustre sales. Surprising, considering how well 3D Realms profited from its blockbuster game Duke Nukem 3D. Its a [ … ]


Konami's Cult Classic 'Snatcher' Ported To Nintendo Virtual Boy


Although few have played it, some will argue that Hideo Kojima's greatest work isn't the Metal Gear series, but instead the cyberpunk thriller Snatcher. Starting out on various Japanese home computers before hitting the Sega Mega CD, this gripping visual novel is about to get one more port through homebrew efforts. Believe it or not but a playable [ … ]


Fantasy World Dizzy, Rick Dangerous & Other Atari ST Classics Ported To Atari Jaguar


The Atari Jaguar is a system that divides opinion like no other. Some people consider it a joke, while others are fascinated by the missed opportunity it represents and the outstanding mess Atari made in handling it’s final platform. Meanwhile, others still continue to debate (at length) whether the system really is a 64-bit console. One thing that [ … ]


Retro Book Publishers Read Only Memory Launch 'The Bitmap Brothers: Universe' Kickstarter


If you owned either a Mega Drive or Commodore Amiga in the nineties, chances are you experienced and loved the output of British developer The Bitmap Brothers. From the Chaos Engine to Speedball 2, the prolific studio produced countless hits one after the other - and that's something retro gaming book publishers Read Only Memory are hoping to immor [ … ]


‘C4CPC’ Flash Cartridge For Amstrad CPC464 Plus / 6128 Plus / GX4000 Now Available

C4CPC GX4000 2

While both ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 owners have enjoyed the benefits of modern devices to boot classics into memory, Amstrad fans on the other hand have had to make do with makeshift solutions to flash cartridges. That’s all about to change though following the release of an all new flash cartridge dubbed the C4CPC.


New ZX Spectrum Arcade Platformer ‘Little Dragon 2’ Released


Drawing plenty of inspiration from the likes of Bubble Bobble and Teddy Boy, and all new arcade platformer has hit the ZX Spectrum. Little Dragon 2 is the newest release from homebrew developer Gabriele Amore, one which has been released online for free.


Cancelled Game Boy Advance Shooter ‘Dune: Ornithopter Assault’ ROM Released


Over the last few years we’ve seen an incredible amount of unreleased video games surfacing online through community efforts, developers coming forward with code, and generous donations from collectors. One of the more recent additions is a complete prototype of Dune: Ornithopter Assault for the Game Boy Advance, another entry in Frank Herbert’s fi [ … ]


Alex Kidd In Miracle World Gets An Unofficial Sequel In ‘Radaxian Rumble’ For The Master System


Alex Kidd In Miracle World was one of those classic games you couldn’t believe was given away for free. Bundled inside just about every Master System console out there, the platformer became an instant hit and a memorable one at that. Knowing that the games which followed his Miracle World debut lacked the same magic, ROM hackers have created a rev [ … ]


Official ‘Age Of Empires II HD’ Expansion Pack Due For Release Via Steam This Year


Believe it or not but the Windows classic strategy title Age Of Empires II is set to receive an all new expansion pack fifteen years after its initial release. Following the game’s successful release on Steam through a HD revival, the team behind the reboot have proudly announced that new units and maps will be shipping in later this year.


Custom Built ‘Big Steel Battalion Box’ Turns The Mech-Simulator Into An Environmental Experience


As Xbox collectors will tell you, Steel Battalion is a rather unique experience for the dated platform worth tracking down. Featuring its very own large sized cockpit controller, the 40 plus buttons, acceleration pedals and two flight stick control method was intended to provide a realistic experience for fans of the mech genre. That said, someone [ … ]


Unreleased ‘Sonic Xtreme’ Now Playable On Sega Saturn


Late last month Sega fans were finally treated to a playable version of Sonic Xtreme, a long lost title in the blue hedgehog’s history. Although arriving as a Windows port, the team behind the project have finally figured out how to get the dated code running on the Saturn - something which you can now experience yourself.

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