The Umihara Kawase Trilogy of Tough Fishing Rope Platformers Now Available on Steam

With the release of the PS1 installment today, all three of the Umihara Kawase games- platformers built around swinging about on a fishing line- are available in English on Steam in a bundle-pack. Experience the agony of bungee-based defeat today!


Ultimate Nintendo: Guide to the NES Library Book Hits Kickstarter


Pat Contri (of Pat the NES Punk fame) has compiled a new all in one guide to the Nintendo Entertainment System. Featuring reviews of every single NES game made, the Ultimate Nintendo: Guide to the NES Library is a must have for all Ninty enthusiasts. Although the book is predominantly based on the 750+ NTSC library of games, there is also dedicated [ … ]


Discussion: The Games We Just Can't Beat...


As gamers we've all played the hero countless times and defeated many enemies. We've gone on adventures to rescue a princess or to save a kingdom. But there's always one nemesis that the hero has trouble defeating. No matter how many times he gets hit the enemy just laughs in our face. The enemy i'm talking about is that game we struggled to beat b [ … ]


Move Over Mario Kart! Homebrew Sonic Team Racing Drifts Onto Sega Mega Drive


For countless years fans of the Super Nintendo have been enjoying the merits of Super Mario Kart, with Mega Drive owners having nothing nearly as good in comparison. As of today though a mode 7 racing equivalent known as Sonic Team Racing has drifted onto Sega’s 16-bit console.


Maximum Power Up Podcast - Episode 14: Jon Hare Interview

MPU Ep14 Sensible Software 670x447

Sensible Software was one of the most well known games companies for the Commodore Amiga. Sensible Soccer and Cannon Fodder are two of the most loved games from this era and still looked back upon fondly.


Unofficial Commodore Amiga Sonic The Hedgehog Clone ‘Blaze’ ADF Released For Download


As much as we love the Commodore Amiga, there are few platformers on the system that can rival the likes of Sonic and Mario. Although remaining unreleased until now, things could have taken a drastic turn following the arrival of a Sonic The Hedgehog clone by the name of Blaze - a title which has just been resurrected by its original developer.


HDMI Out Modification ‘GCVideo’ Hits The Nintendo Gamecube


What will those talent retro gaming enthusiasts come up with next? Believe it or not but the Nintendo Gamecube has just been gifted compatibility with the most modern of monitors and TVs around following the arrival of a HDMI-Out modification. Simply dubbed GCVideo, this aftermarket enhancement is already offering impressive 240p, 480i and 480p out [ … ]


Brand New Homebrew Mega Drive Title ‘Star Chaser’ ROM Out Now


Once again the Mega Drive is gifted another release all these years after its discontinuation. Star Chaser is the latest homebrew title to hit Sega’s 16-bit console, and without a doubt one set to offer some frantic multiplayer mayhem.


16-Bit Magazine Throwback ‘HyperPlay RPG’ Fanzine Now Available


We all remember the days of Super Play fondly thanks to its innovative blend of Japanese culture, gaming, and anime - but where’s the modern day alternative? While it might not be hitting magazine stores around the country nor gleaming with colour, HyperPlay RPG is the the fan’s answer to the the void left by the much loved magazine. A throwback wh [ … ]


[Interview] Game Over Cafe - Retro Gaming Cafe, Portsmouth UK

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 14.34.49

Nestled among the Georgian facades and naval monuments of Portsmouth’s old town lies a hidden retro gaming gem. Situated just a few doors down from the inn where Admiral Nelson spent his last night before setting sail to engage the Spanish Armada at the battle of Trafalgar is a subterranean treasure trove of blinking lights, flickering CRTs and b [ … ]


Nintendo To Release Pokemon Red, Blue & Yellow On Virtual Console For Pokemon’s 20th Anniversary


To think that Game Freak’s incredibly successful series Pokemon is nearing its twentieth birthday is sadly proof that we’re aging just as much as the games we love. To help celebrate this upcoming birthday, Nintendo have announced that the first three Pokemon games from the Game Boy’s library are set for a re-release through the e-Shop’s Virtual Co [ … ]


Unofficial Phantasy Star Online Dreamcast / Gamecube Server ‘Schtserv’ Shuts Down


Although Sega shut down their servers for Phantasy Star Online following the Dreamcast’s discontinuation, fans have since kept the MMORPG alive with unofficial servers. Despite connecting players and reviving the late 2000 release, one of the largest Phantasy Star Online servers around today has sadly shut down.


Jon Hare Launches ‘Sociable Soccer’ Kickstarter - A Spiritual Successor To Sensible Soccer


If you grew up in the 90s, it's safe to say that your childhood will no doubt have hosted countless Sensible Soccer tournaments. The incredible football simulator appears to be set for a return to modern platforms, with the original creator launching a Kickstarter today for its spiritual successor known as Sociable Soccer.


Maximum Power Up Podcast - Episode 13: Mega Drive Part 1

MPU Ep13 Mega Drive Part 1 670x447 2

Paul and Phil join up with special guest Jake to delve in to the world of Blast Processing to discuss the SEGA Mega Drive and the almost arcade perfect (well, in some peoples eyes) games that made it a must have for a majorty of gamers.


Once In A Lifetime Gigantic Retro Collection Hits eBay

1307201519258 zpsdmznlmgc

For many gamers, eBay represents the only way to secure those elusive retro items that rarely appear at car boot sales. Times have changed for retro collectors and sadly it seems that the days of finding a hidden gem are long gone. Occasionally though, something incredible comes up and this is one such occasion: an instant collection of 163 conso [ … ]

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