Mega Drive Horror Adventure ‘Sacred Line’ Released On Cartridge


Back in 2013 a brand new title hit the Mega Drive, bring the visual novel genre to the 16-bit console. Following the success of their previous homebrew releases, Watermelon Games have secured the rights to Sasha Darko’s Sacred Line, with a physical cartridge of the horror adventure now available.


RetroCollect FM - Retro Gaming Podcast - Issue 18: Sega Master System


Released in Japan in 1985 as the Sega Mark III, the Master System eventually made it's way to US and UK shores in 1986 and 1987 respectively. While Nintendo's Entertainment System enjoyed unparalleled success on the other side of the Atlantic, in the UK it was the Master System that arguably won the battle for gamers' cash.


Modern Review: Game Dev Story (Android / iOS)


To confess, I am a bit of a sim nut: Sim City, Theme Park, Gansters: Organised Crime and more recently I have sunk my gnashers into Prison Architect (personal tip on the latter - build a fence first...) But apart from the sublime indie Xbox Live game Arcade Craft, I have had an itch for a video game sim that I couldn't scratch. Game Dev Story by Ka [ … ]


Retro Review: The Lost Episodes of Doom (Map Expansion Pack)


The popularity of Doom back in 1993 on-wards was immense. When id Software released the map-making tools for the public to craft their own levels so they may battle the flesh-eating demons within their own creations, small-name companies tried to crank out their own unofficial expansions for the game. Out of the bowels of Sybex Incorporated came th [ … ]


Nintendo NES Classic 'Mega Man 2' Gets Survival Mode


With just a single life on offer, how far do you think you could get through Capcom's memorable hit Mega Man 2? Your retro gaming skills are about to be put to the test as ROM hackers have created their very own survival mode in the Nintendo NES classic, tasking you with clearing as many areas of the platformer as possible, all without dying.


SD Card Loading 'UK1541' Adapter Announced For Commodore 64


Over the last few years we've seen the arrival of countless flash cartridges for classic consoles, many of which allowing gamers to boot up their many favourites on the original hardware using just SD cards. Similar solutions have also been available for the likes of the ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 too, however, the later of these is about to get [ … ]


Scott Pilgrim & Ramona Flowers Brawl In 'Streets Of Rage 2' ROM Hack


Not too long ago we featured a rather unusual ROM hack that placed a the most unlikely of Pokemon heroes into the dark and dingy streets of a 16-bit classic. As it appears, game hackers seem to have Streets of Rage 2 sussed out, so much so they can freely drop in just about any character they please to replace the familiar line up. With that in min [ … ]


ZX Spectrum's Brand New Homebrew RPG 'The Tales Of Grupp'


Get ready to dust off your ZX Spectrum once more, as yet another new adventure has hit the classic computer! Homebrew developers Retrobytes have returned with an impressive top down role playing game, with familiarities found in the likes of Top Trumps cards and the Barcode Battler too - all of which has been released for free in The Tales Of Grupp [ … ]


3D Printer Shop 'Pixelwizard' Recreates Missing Retro Computer Covers & Parts


When you lose the cover for your Amiga 1200's expansion port, or even worse damage the front door to your Commodore 1702 monitor's control panel, what do you do? Similar to the Nintendo Game Boy's battery cover, replacing these individual parts is a difficult task requiring you to rely on eBay users to lists spares, as and when they find them. That [ … ]


Watermelon Games Announce Additional Print Run For Sega Mega Drive Homebrew RPG 'Pier Solar and the Great Architects'


Where homebrew retro games are concerned, Watermelon Games have set an incredibly high standard to follow, after releasing an incredibly deep and detailed adventure for the Mega Drive in 2010. Having sold out numerous times over following repeated reprint editions Pier Solar and the Great Architects is due to become available once more following th [ … ]


Long Lost Sega Saturn 'Sonic X-Treme' Ported To Windows


The demise of Sonic The Hedgehog can easily be seen historically from the arrival of 32-bit hardware. With Sega clearly unsure on how to handle the blue blur in three dimensions, countless attempts were made to bring the flagship hero to the Saturn, but never seen. Fast forward to today and one of these long lost outings can finally be enjoyed thro [ … ]


Brand New JAMMA Arcade Shmup 'SkyCurser' In Development


In all our time writing about homebrew projects and brand new video games for older systems, we've never come across one solely created for arcade machines using the JAMMA standard. The newly announced SkyCurser fits this bill exactly, a horizontal scrolling shooter drawing inspiration from both Metal Slug and Splatterhouse.


New 'Doom' Mod Adds Selfie Stick And Instagram Filters

Screenshot Doom 20150222 111612

Doom is possibly the most modded and manipulated videogame in the history of the medium. In recent times we've had the Donkey Kong Country mod, various game-engine updates in the form of the amazing Brutal Doom and even seen a cash machine hacked to play host to a port of id Software's genre-defining shooter.


Super Nintendo RPG 'Final Fantasy Mystic Quest' HD Remaster In Development


For many gamers, their first steps into the world of RPGs was through the timeless series, Final Fantasy. Although arriving as a spin-off from the main series, Final Fantasy Mystic Quest has garnered plenty of fans for its puzzle elements, roaring soundtrack, and lush 16-bit visuals. These fans will be pleased to know that a HD remake of the game i [ … ]


Make Your Own Nintendo Virtual Boy Headset With An Android Smartphone & Google Cardboard


Let's face it, the Virtual Boy isn't exactly the cheapest bit of retro gaming kit, but it's without a doubt one that just about everyone wants to experience. If you're on a strict budget, you'll be pleased to know there's now a way to emulate Nintendo's portable VR console from 1995 with a do-it-yourself virtual reality headset - all for under £20. [ … ]

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