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Game & Watch Gallery 2

Gex: Enter the Gekko

Ghost in the Shell

Golden Goal 98

The Granstream Saga

Hard Edge

Harvest Moon GB

Heart of Darkness


The House of the Dead


Indy 500

International Superstar Soccer

Iznogoud (Saban's)

James Bond 007

Jeremy McGrath Supercross 98

Jet Rider 2

Jimmy Connors Tennis

Kensei: Sacred Fist

Kick Off World

The King of Fighters '98: The Slugfest

The King of Fighters '98: The Slugfest

King of Fighters R-1

Klonoa: Door to Phantomile

Kula World

Las Vegas Cool Hand

The Last Blade

The Last Blade 2

The Last Report


Legend of the River King


Looney Tunes: Twouble

The Lost Ride

Lucky Luke

Madden NFL 99

Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow

Maximum Force


Mega Man Legends

Mega Man: Battle & Chase

Megaman X4

Men In Black: The Series

Metal Slug 2

Metal Slug 2

Mickey Mouse: Magic Wands

Midnight Run

Montezuma's Return

Mortal Kombat 4

Mortal Kombat 4

Moto Racer 2


Mulan (Disney's)


Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon


Nagano Winter Olympics '98

Namco Museum: Vol. 5


Nascar 99

NBA Action '98

NBA Live 98

NBA Live 99

NBA Pro 98

Neo Geo Cup '98 PLUS

Neo Geo Cup '98: The Road to the Victory

Newman Haas Racing

NFL Blitz

NFL Xtreme

NHL 98

NHL 99

NHL FaceOff 98

NHL FaceOff 99

NHL Powerplay 98

Nightmare Creatures

Ninja: Shadow of Darkness

No One Can Stop... Mr. Domino


Oddworld Adventures



Panzer Dragoon Saga

Perfect Assassin

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