Gex 3D: Deep Cover Gecko

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Zone Europe

Release Information

License Commercial
Release Type Licensed
Distribution Channel Retail
Product Code SLES 01299
Screenshots for Gex 3D: Deep Cover Gecko on the Sony PlayStation Screenshots for Gex 3D: Deep Cover Gecko on the Sony PlayStation Screenshots for Gex 3D: Deep Cover Gecko on the Sony PlayStation

Game Information

Platform Sony PlayStation
Type Game
Publisher Eidos
Developer Crystal Dynamics
Release Date 1999/04/15
Genre Platformer
Subgenre 3D Platformer
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Variant Cover Scan Thumb
Region Europe
Product Code Unknown

Regional Variants

Regional Variant Cover Scan
Title Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko
Description Gex 3D: Deep Cover Gecko has a local version Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko

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