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Collector Information

Zone Europe
Contents Poster
Packaging Cardboard

Release Information

License Commercial
Release Type Licensed
Distribution Channel Retail
Product Code SNSP-ASRP-EUR
UPC/EAN 3362932401186
Medium Cartridge
Medium Size 8 Mbit


Box French English German Dutch Italian Spanish

Further Information

Copyright 1994
Distributors Ubi Soft, Guillemot, Ludi, Stadlbauer, Waldmeier

Technical Information

Video PAL
Sound Stereo
Save System None
Peripherals Multitap
Screenshots for Street Racer on the Super Nintendo Screenshots for Street Racer on the Super Nintendo Screenshots for Street Racer on the Super Nintendo

Game Information

Platform Super Nintendo
Type Game
Publisher Ubi Soft Entertainment Software
Developer Vivid Image
Release Date 1994/11
Genre Racing
Subgenre Cartoon Racing
Players 1-4 (Cooperative)
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Review Scores

Total! (Germany)
2- (1 to 6 - 1+ best)


Variant Cover Scan Thumb
Region Europe
Product Code Unknown
No Scan
Region Spain
Explanation Spanish Import
Product Code Unknown

Regional Variants

Regional Variant Cover Scan
Title Street Racer
Description Street Racer has a local version Street Racer

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