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Collector Information

Zone Europe
Packaging Cardboard

Release Information

License Commercial
Release Type Licensed
Distribution Channel Retail
Product Code SNSP-TI-___
Medium Cartridge
Medium Size 20 Mbit

Technical Information

Video PAL
Sound Stereo
Save System None
Screenshots for Street Fighter II Turbo on the Super Nintendo Screenshots for Street Fighter II Turbo on the Super Nintendo Screenshots for Street Fighter II Turbo on the Super Nintendo

Game Information

Platform Super Nintendo
Type Game
Publisher Capcom
Developer Capcom
Release Date 1993/10
Genre Fighting
Subgenre Head-to-Head Fighting
Players 1-2 (Cooperative)


The second Street Fighter game on the Super Nintendo improves it's predecessor in various aspects. You're now able to play the four bosses and there's a turbo mode. Additionally Capcom improved the sound and created some new moves for various fighters, resulting in a better fighter balance.

Review Scores

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1 (1 to 6 - 1+ best)
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Variant Cover Scan Thumb
Region UK
Product Code SNSP-TI-UKV
No Scan
Region Germany
Product Code SNSP-TI-NOE
No Scan
Regions France, Benelux
Product Code SNSP-TI-FAH
No Scan
Region Spain
Product Code SNSP-TI-ESP
No Scan
Region Italy
Product Code SNSP-TI-ITA
No Scan
Region Australia
Product Code SNSP-TI-AUS
Variant Cover Scan Thumb
Region UK
Explanation Limited Edition
Product Code SNSP-TI-UKV

Regional Variants

Regional Variant Cover Scan
Title Street Fighter II Turbo
Description Street Fighter II Turbo has a local version Street Fighter II Turbo

Related Games

Variant Cover Scan Thumb
Title Street Fighter II
Description Street Fighter II Turbo is the sequel to Street Fighter II
Variant Cover Scan Thumb
Title Super Street Fighter II
Description Street Fighter II Turbo has the sequel Super Street Fighter II

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