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Zone Europe

Release Information

License Commercial
Release Type Licensed
Distribution Channel Retail
Product Code T-40601D-__
Medium Code T-40601D-50
Medium GD-ROM


Game English German French Dutch Danish Finnish Norwegian Swedish

Further Information

Distributor Hasbro Interactive
Ratings 3+ ELSPA

Technical Information

Peripherals VMU, Vibration
Screenshots for Worms Armageddon on the Sega Dreamcast Screenshots for Worms Armageddon on the Sega Dreamcast Screenshots for Worms Armageddon on the Sega Dreamcast

Game Information

Platform Sega Dreamcast
Type Game
Publishers Hasbro Interactive, Team17 Software
Developer Team17 Software
Release Date 1999/12/10
Genre Strategy
Subgenre Artillery
Players 1-4 (Cooperative)
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Box Text

IT'S A NEW CAN WORMS! IT'S THE BIGGEST. IT'S THE BEST. AND IT'S PACKED FULL OF GOODIES (AND BADDIES). This is the funniest and most addictive game you'll ever play. It's hilarious fun that you can enjoy on your own or with all your friends. It's turn based (you take your turn, your rival takes a turn) but the real buzz is from watching the devastation caused by those pesky Worms with those fantastic weapons and listening to their outrageous comments. • Use over 55 weird and wonderful weapons and tools including Earthquake, Freeze, and French Sheep Strike. • Play single player Death-match plus an exciting 33 stage mission game. • Learn tactics using five special training modes including Sheep Racing, Crazy Crates and Advanced Weapon Training. • Customs landscapes and sound banks with 40+ sound sets including Stiff Upper Lip, Cyberworms, Angry Scots. • New for multiplayer mode: Handicapping (add or deduct energy for a team), Allied Teams (team up with others to target another player), Worm Disease, Home Runs and many more. THE END AS WE KNOW IT!

Review Scores

Dreamcast Kult
DC-UK (Issue 5)
Official Dreamcast Magazine (Issue 3)
Dreamcast Magazine (Issue 4)


Variant Cover Scan Thumb
Region UK
Product Code T-40601D-05
No Scan
Region Germany
Product Code T-40601D-29
No Scan
Region France
Product Code T-40601D-09
No Scan
Regions Spain, Italy, Unknown
Product Code T-40601D-79
No Scan
Region Scandinavia
Product Code T-40601D-78

Regional Variants

Regional Variant Cover Scan
Title Worms Armageddon
Description Worms Armageddon has a local version Worms Armageddon

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