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Zone Europe

Release Information

License Commercial
Release Type Licensed
Distribution Channel Retail
Product Code MK-51186-50
Medium Code MK-51186-50
UPC/EAN 5060004761272
Medium GD-ROM


Box English French German Spanish

Further Information

Distributor Sega
Ratings 3+ ELSPA

Technical Information

Peripherals VGA, VMU, Vibration, Arcade
Screenshots for Virtua Tennis 2 on the Sega Dreamcast Screenshots for Virtua Tennis 2 on the Sega Dreamcast Screenshots for Virtua Tennis 2 on the Sega Dreamcast

Game Information

Platform Sega Dreamcast
Type Game
Publisher Sega
Developer Hitmaker
Release Date 2001/11/01
Genre Sport
Subgenre Tennis
Players 1-4 (Cooperative)
Also known as Power Smash 2 (Japan)
Also on

Box Text

The top seed is back. Take to the courts of Virtua Tennis 2 as you compete to become the worlds No1. Serve, smash and lob your way through 16 internationally top-ranked male and female players as you go head to head in singles matches or complete with up to 4 players in doubles and mixed doubles matches. Eith revamped Tournament, Exhibition and World Tour made its game set and match with Virtua Tennis 2.

Review Scores

Dreamcast Magazine (Issue 28)


Variant Cover Scan Thumb
Region Europe
Product Code Unknown

Regional Variants

Regional Variant Cover Scan
Title Tennis 2K2
Description Virtua Tennis 2 has a local version Tennis 2K2

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