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Collector Information

Zone Europe

Release Information

License Commercial
Release Type Licensed
Distribution Channel Retail
Product Code DMG-K9-___

Further Information

Copyright 1993

Technical Information

Video Handheld
Sound Stereo
Screenshots for Kirby's Pinball Land on the Nintendo Game Boy Screenshots for Kirby's Pinball Land on the Nintendo Game Boy Screenshots for Kirby's Pinball Land on the Nintendo Game Boy

Game Information

Platform Nintendo Game Boy
Type Game
Publisher Nintendo
Developer HAL Laboratory
Genre Traditional
Subgenre Pinball


Variant Cover Scan Thumb
Region UK
Product Code UKV
No Scan
Region Germany
Product Code Unknown
No Scan
Regions France, Benelux
Product Code Unknown

Regional Variants

Regional Variant Cover Scan
Title Kirby's Pinball Land
Description Kirby's Pinball Land has a local version Kirby's Pinball Land

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