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Region keeps switching back to Europe

Anything in the game database not working as expected? Please let us know here.

Region keeps switching back to Europe

Postby SNDTST » Mon Feb 12, 2018 7:49 pm

At seemingly random moments while searching (to add games into my collection) the setting "Limit collection stats and "missing from collection" search to:" switches from "North America" (my desired setting) back to Europe (what I assume is the default). Even stranger is that this setting effects my stats page even when I am signed out. It has happened while searching in the "Quick Game Search" input and while changing the search term in the "search results" page. I have tried to reproduce it by searching for the same term and it doesn't happen immediately again, so it doesn't appear to be based on a specific search term, it also has happened while looking at my stats page (after hitting refresh once to see if games that I had entered had started appearing in my stats). While inputting my collection I didn't have a need to search for European games and I would immediately switch back to North America and continue, so I don't know if the reverse would have occurred if I was on Europe. The bug does seem to occur every time I've been away from the sight for more than a few hours though.
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