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Fantasia (Mega Drive), possible sound problems

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Fantasia (Mega Drive), possible sound problems

Postby NufcDazzla » Fri Mar 02, 2012 12:16 am

Fantasia was one of my recent buys for my Mega Drive but when I tried it out, I could'nt help noticing the sound was a touch off in places, especially at the beginning of the game as it sounds like the level music cuts itself out for the first 3-4 seconds but is OK on other tries

Curious as to if my MD's sound chip was faulty, I tried other games and they worked just fine, so Im thinking it could be one of two things, firstly the cartridge I bought could be knackered or its one of the many flaws of this utterly glitch-ridden game. So Im wondering, has anyone else had these sort of sound problems with this one?
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