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Official RetroCollect Marketplace Rules

Selling some retro games on eBay? Feel free to share your links with the community.

Official RetroCollect Marketplace Rules

Postby Katsu » Thu Mar 28, 2013 11:20 pm

Legal Disclaimer
All posts, threads, messages, images, photographs, files, videos and other media posted on, through or via RetroCollect.com is the responsibility of the user/person from who the content originated from. RetroCollect takes no responsibility for any transactions which take place and cannot be held liable should problems arise.

RetroCollect Marketplace Rules:
Please follow the updated post/thread formatting if you wish to use the RetroCollect Marketplace.

Please take care when purchasing games here or online. Use plenty of common sense and precaution. Use PayPal and other recommended secure payment methods should be considered. If you are unsure regarding a deal, please consult the RetroCollect User Feedback and do plenty of research before agreeing to any deals. If needs be, request eBay feedback and feedback from other forums where necessary.

1) Pirate software, mod chips and unauthorised hardware of current generation consoles is forbidden. Any users found selling such items related to current generation consoles will be warned and dealt with accordingly.

2) Individual & bulk items over £50 must be accompanied by an image featuring the item on offer and a written form of identification. For example a piece of paper with your forum name written clearly.

3) One thread per sub forum, please update the original post should you wish to add new items & leave the details of sold items present (locate at the end of the original post). Should you be unable to edit your original post contact a member of the moderation team who will assist you.

4) Third party sales are strictly forbidden, you must be the owner of the goods for sale.

5) Do not list items you have on eBay in the Buy, Sell & Exchange forum it is unethical and we have a dedicated forum for these items.

6) Do not sell 'virtual goods'. This includes in game currency, characters and user accounts.

7) Please state how much you are selling your games/hardware for.

8) Auctions hosted on RetroCollect are forbidden. Please use a set price/trade and refer to eBay for any auction needs.

9) Should your items be pending or sold, please mark them correctly stating their current availability for other users to see.

10) Please do not bump topics up, unless you have added items to the thread or adjusted prices from the original post (leave original price in post £15>£10 etc).

11) please do not delete sold/found items as the community requires the price point information. As you update your thread simply move the sold item details to the bottom of the original post & reduce the font size.

Updated post/thread formatting
In order to help streamline the Marketplace experience for everyone, and in turn make the entire process uniform within each subform. As of April 2013 please ensure you only have One active thread per subforum and that it adheres to the relevant formatting listed below:

For Sale
Thread Title: YOUR USERNAME Descriptor [YOUR LOCATION]
Item> System> Region> Condition> Price> Pictures*
*(helps to sell your item, must be included for bulk or individual items over £50 see rule No.2)
Url Links to your feedback thread on RetroCollect & across the web.


Katsu's stuff for sale [UK]
Bomberman 64 Arcade Edition N64 NTSC-J Mint Condition £200 Shipped in the UK

Feedback links
http://shmups.system11.org/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=10179 Search:Katsujinken

Thread Title: YOUR USERNAME Descriptor Wanted [YOUR LOCATION]
Item> System> Region> Condition> Price range
Url Links to your feedback thread on RetroCollect & across the web.

For both wanted and selling threads
please do not delete sold/found items as the community requires this information to judge price points for items (Rule No.11). As you update your thread simply move the sold items details to the bottom half of the original post & reduce the font size.
(size=0)Double Dragon (loose cart) SMS PAL Good £5(/size) :arrow: Replacing the curved brackets for squared.

Katsu's stuff for sale [UK]
Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival GBA PAL Very Good Condition £20 Shipped in the UK

Double Dragon (loose cart) SMS PAL Good £5 SOLD Cauterize

http://shmups.system11.org/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=10179 Search:Katsujinken

Thread Title: YOUR USERNAME Descriptor Trades [YOUR LOCATION]
Item you have> System> Region> Condition> What you'll trade for Item> System> Region> Condition
Url Links to your feedback thread on RetroCollect & across the web.

Everything eBay
If you're wanting to promote your auctions, please place a link to your auction/shop in the 1st post and update that & place a update post in the thread if required. NOTE Please leave at least 7 days between posts before updating your thread, you may find previous updates will be deleted after a 4 week period.

Link to your auctions / shop here!
Url Links to your feedback thread on RetroCollect & across the web.

Non-Gaming For Sale, Wanted, Trades
Thread Title: YOUR USERNAME Descriptor [YOUR LOCATION]
Item> Region> Condition> Price>
Url Links to your feedback thread on RetroCollect & across the web

User Feedback
Once you have completed a transaction please post in the relevant party's thread detailing the type of transaction & any comments (both successful and unsuccessful) in the User Feedback Forum. If the user does not have a feedback thread you are welcome to create one but always use the SEARCH function or ASK them if they have one 1st.

If you see a thread or item which either breaks any of the rules above or one which appears inappropriate/suspicious? Please send a private message to one of the Administrators and/or Moderating team.

Thread locked or you've receive a warning :arrow: Notification of something!

Chances are you haven't adhered to the points within this post, and this is the most direct way of notifying you at the given point in time.

What you should do: Sit down calmly & think things over, do not over react.
Whatever decision has been made, would have been made for the best intentions for every member of the site.
Be patient & politely contact the Member of the Moderation/Admin team , who when they have the time will clarify any issues for you & if possible? Allow you to make any required changes, or advise you on next steps.

Suggestions and Recommendations
Include a photograph of the items you are selling. People are more likely to make a purchase if they can see what they are buying. There are plenty of image hosting sites out there such as imgur.com, Photobucket, Picturepush and Flickr.

If you are unsure of what price to ask for on any of your items for sale, please make a post in the 'What's my game worth' thread and await valuation. Please note any valuation made in this thread is not that of RetroCollects and should be used with precaution.

Detail the condition of your games reasonably. One users interpretation of mint can differ drastically between other users. Any disagreements over an items condition is beyond RetroCollect's control. As for buying, request pictures if closer inspection is needed.

PayPal Gift is NOT recommended for buying/selling due to the lack of protection. Use at your own risk.

Most importantly have FUN!

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