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Help selling Intellivision + AV Famicom & games on Ebay

Selling some retro games on eBay? Feel free to share your links with the community.

Help selling Intellivision + AV Famicom & games on Ebay

Postby Shinobi_X » Wed Jul 04, 2018 7:55 pm

First off I have 3 Intellivision games Popeye, Safebreaker and one in a purple case with a lady. The games are cib but boxes aren’t in great condition pretty squashed they have overlays except Popeye who’s box is in good condition.

I also have the AV Famicom with NES convector with a mixture of boxed and lose Famicom and Nes games ranging from cib mint Rodlands to lose Carts like Guardian Heroes.

The thing is I can’t be bothered with all this anal the box has a flap missing or Popeye is missing the Parker Catalogue etc. Or you said it was mint but the box has a crease. I just wonder is it even worth all the hassle of buyers expecting the world, of just keep them? Has anybody any advice on selling As I can’t be bothered to list every crease if dent, then smarmy sock molesting pedant saying I want £10 knocked off as a page in the manual is dog eared!
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Re: Help selling Intellivision + AV Famicom & games on Ebay

Postby The Saint » Sat Sep 15, 2018 3:08 am

Well firstly let me apologise for the fact that NO ONE responded.

I feel your pain. What I do now is on Ebay is :

1) list everything as acceptable. Therefore no buyer can complain it was listed incorrectly

2) take photos of all sides so the buyers can see what they are getting. Also take a picture of it working. As after all then it cannot be disputed if they are being stupid.

3) I mark things as 'players condition' or 'collectors condition'. I won't change the condition from acceptable though. A full description stating how good the item is usually would do the trick. Again the photos help as id say 'check photos for condition'. You get 12 free so use them!!

But it's still a hassle - you get idiots not leaving feedback or trying to scam you even when you send the item tracked, but it's Ebay so at least the protection is there.

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