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Retro Games from Akihabara, Tokyo

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Retro Games from Akihabara, Tokyo

Postby colorcomputerstore » Mon Jul 31, 2017 3:05 pm

Hiya, first post.

Went back to Japan last month and had a retro buying spree. Fun times in Akihabara, Tokyo and also online with Yahoo Auction.

Got some stuff for sale... BTW, I tested each game to make sure they work.

MSX Games
Championship Soccer ( Futbol / Football ) by Pony Canyon - MSX Game
Mini Golf - MSX Game
Twin Bee (Twinbee) - MSX Game (Japan) (I have two copies)
Pac-Man - MSX Game
Konami Soccer ( Futbol / Football ) - MSX Game
MSX Baseball - MSX Game
Color Midway - MSX Game
Exciting Baseball - MSX Game
Dig Dug - MSX Game

Bandai WonderSwan (portable) Games
Vaitz Blade WonderSwan WS Wonder Swan
Final Fantasy WonderSwan WS Wonder Swan
Hataraku Chocobo WonderSwan WS Wonder Swan
Puyo Puyo (TSU) WonderSwan WS Wonder Swan

Tomy Pyuuta (Tutor) (80s computer by Tomy toy company. Similar to TI99/4A and MSX)
Tomy Tutor Computer (aka Tomy Pyuta) - TP1000
Scramble for Tomy Pyūta / Tomy Tutor (Japanese Game)
BOMBMAN for Tomy Pyūta / Tomy Tutor (Japanese Game)

If you have questions about Japan, let me know.

Thank you so much,

Color Computer Store
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Re: Retro Games from Akihabara, Tokyo

Postby RetroBob » Mon Jul 31, 2017 3:47 pm

Ignore me, talking ****.
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