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REVIEW - SEGA Dreamcast long sleeve t-shirt

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REVIEW - SEGA Dreamcast long sleeve t-shirt

Postby jacktheripper » Wed May 31, 2017 1:25 pm

Hey all, quick review of the Sega Dreamcast long sleeve t shirt I just received in the post this morning. Bought this off ebay for £23 shipped from seller marksjay888, made by some UK company called Agora. They also have long sleeves for Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64 and Sega Saturn. Really cool designs indeed.. I originally wanted to buy all 4 but really glad I didn't.

Main DC design on the chest, looked good on ebay auction photos.. until you see it up close. The writing and logos are quite rough and looks like it's about to fall off.. graphics are cheaply printed on.


This Agora company (if it's really their products this guy is selling on his eBay acc.) has many nice designs on their official website, however this one is printed on cheap Fruit of the Loom fabric. You would think they would have their own brand of labels for their own designs but they chose the cheapest option.. very classy.


Ordered a medium size, but this shirt is no way near a medium, more like a small. The cuffs are very very tight around the wrist and neck, so tight it cuts into my throat when I bend my head down. When I stretch my arms out to my sides, the length of the shirt exposes most of my wrists.


Thickness-wise, this is extremely paper thin.. so thin that you can actually see through it when you hold it up behind sunlight. Creases are insane, never seen anything like this before with my other clothing. A couple of washes and it will probably rip. My other medium long sleeves I have are a perfect fit and quite thick in comparison to this one.. lasted over 10 years and quality still holds up, I don't expect this one to last 6 months without a tear/graphics falling off.



-Graphics cheaply printed on
-bad quality shirt overall
-too thin
-wrong sizes described
-cuffs too tight

-shipping was fast, took 2-3 days.

Either this ebayer is selling knock off bootlegs or Agora clothing really are printing their stuff on Fruit of the Looms.
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Re: REVIEW - SEGA Dreamcast long sleeve t-shirt

Postby wonderboy » Mon Jun 05, 2017 11:33 am

Appreciate the review, as was thinking of buying one but think ill steer clear.
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