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Your Most Iconic Amazing Moment of all time

Any discussion not related to gaming such as football, anime, music and life in general, belongs in here.

Your Most Iconic Amazing Moment of all time

Postby UltraMagnus » Sun Nov 29, 2015 6:42 pm

That one clip or moment in a film or game that is just perfect and you never ever get tired of watching.

For me its the Animated transformers film.

When Prime steps out of the shuttle, " you've got the touch kicks in " as Prme say megatrom must be stopped and then proceeds to tear through the decepticons, then he utters those words " one shall stand, one shall fall "

I f**king love it


If anyone has ever wondered why Optimus prime is such a popular character they should watch this.

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Re: Your Most Iconic Amazing Moment of all time

Postby The Saint » Sun Nov 29, 2015 8:13 pm

Too many to say just one!

The ending of Dead Space on the 360. Didn't expect that!
Beating Lassie and the ending to Phantasy Star on the SMS.
Act 1 Of Green Hill Zone on Sonic The Hedgehog.
Meeting Mother Brain in Metroid on the NES.

Rocky 1: When Adrienne whispers 'win' when she comes out of the coma. Gets me every time.
Scarface: Tony Montana's cockroach speech.
The Great Escape: Bartletts capture (your German is very good, also your French.... Your hands, up!)
Escape To Victory: Pele (gesticulating): Give me the ball, I'll go like this, this, this, this - goal!
Star Wars: The opening sequence to the original film, the music, the scrolling words, then the first lasers and the small craft, followed by that star destroyer...
LOTR: return of the King; when all the kingdom bows to the hobbits, goosebumps
Gladiator: Maximus' speech when he unveils himself to the Emperor. Powerful stuff.

I could go on....but I'll stop here.

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Re: Your Most Iconic Amazing Moment of all time

Postby Farzlepot » Sat Dec 05, 2015 10:00 pm

The Mass Effect series excels at iconic moments, but when the fleets arrive at Earth in ME3, you can't help but get shivers. Honourable mention to the suicide mission in ME2.
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Re: Your Most Iconic Amazing Moment of all time

Postby MRCL » Thu Dec 24, 2015 2:10 pm

The ending of Portal 2, the ending of Breaking Bad, that youtube video of a Space Shuttle start in HD.
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Re: Your Most Iconic Amazing Moment of all time

Postby TribalMyth » Sun Dec 27, 2015 1:59 pm

Gaming (I seem to have a thing for sequels :lol:):

Fallout 3 - blowing up Megaton.
Medievil 2 - "Sir Daniel Fortesque, back from the dead once again."

Die Hard, my idea of a Christmas film - "Now I have a machine gun, ho ho ho".
Walk The Line: My all time favorite film, I love the whole thing and how well Johnny was portrayed by JP.
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Re: Your Most Iconic Amazing Moment of all time

Postby CookYouVillain » Wed Jan 06, 2016 11:48 pm



Fallout 3 - the original ending, and when it goes "War, war never changes"
The Last of Us - Just in awe from start to finish!


Pulp Fiction, one of my favourite movies of all time. Favourite part is the "mmmm this is a tasty burger"
Les Miserables, just the entire movie/stage production.
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Re: Your Most Iconic Amazing Moment of all time

Postby Kayevel » Tue Jan 19, 2016 12:52 pm

When Frog slices open the rock wall in Chrono Trigger.
The ending cutscene and credits in .Hack//Infection.
The cathedral trailer for .Hack//G.U.

That moment in DBZ when Goku was fighting Vegeta in the Saiyan Saga, where he is using Kaio Ken, breaks the rock platform Vegeta was standing on, winds up his arm and punches him. Also Goku's "I am Son Goku" speech.

The reveal at/near the end of Eldest (I distinctly remember putting the book down and just staring out the train window for a good 10 minutes).

Brb going to watch/read all of these again and cry.
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Re: Your Most Iconic Amazing Moment of all time

Postby Evilspartacus » Wed Mar 23, 2016 8:13 pm

That Groovy moment in Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn.

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Re: Your Most Iconic Amazing Moment of all time

Postby puregreen » Fri Aug 18, 2017 11:12 pm

Not sure about amazing moments but I clearly remember that I had nightmares after watching a scene with glowing rock heads or something in 'Atlantis: The Lost Empire' cartoon movie :lol:

I think one of my favorite movie scenes is the scene with a coin from No Country for Old Men. I think you know what I mean :)
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