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The value of backups...

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The value of backups...

Postby hydr0x » Fri Oct 02, 2015 9:36 pm

Earlier today, I suddenly couldn't access a folder on my external HDD anymore. It looked like the drive had some corruption. Okay, not the end of the world, run chkdsk and see if it fixes everything. Well, THIS happened:


Ouch :? Yep, you're reading that correctly. Almost 70000 files down the drain :o While it turns out that about 50k of those were from Steam games, it was still 20k proper files, including lots of real documents (doc, xls etc). Well, it took me a few hours, but thanks to a solid backup strategy involving other external drives, my internal drive and cloud backups, I was able to restore everything. So, just wanted to say, I hope you guys have solid backup strategies :shock:
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Re: The value of backups...

Postby Schlibbylibby » Fri Oct 02, 2015 10:05 pm

Just don't loose all the data for this site Jan! ;)
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Re: The value of backups...

Postby JokerJur » Sun Oct 04, 2015 11:33 pm

Must've been scary! Good thing you got them back.
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Re: The value of backups...

Postby grandiloquence » Sat Oct 17, 2015 12:16 pm

I have a couple of external drives that I use SyncToy to back up my data to and I occasionally use Clonezilla to clone my "c" drive. I know people use RAID setups for redundancy but I genuinely couldn't be bothered to set it up as you can't do it retrospectively - it would have to be done from scratch.
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Re: The value of backups...

Postby puregreen » Sat Aug 19, 2017 11:47 am

Like my programmer friend says, there are 2 kinds of users, the ones who don't make backups and the ones who are already making backups :lol:
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Re: The value of backups...

Postby jamiewbartlett » Wed Aug 30, 2017 1:14 pm

Definitely need to make note of this and start backing up my stuff more often then haha!
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Re: The value of backups...

Postby darknezz19 » Thu Aug 31, 2017 6:06 am

Ouch, think we have all felt that pain at one point or another. Think I'll go back up at least my photos now..
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