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Wanted = Samba De Amigo Dreamcast Maracas

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Wanted = Samba De Amigo Dreamcast Maracas

Postby Ultrapro » Fri Aug 23, 2019 9:13 am

Hi all! I've recently sold off a lot of my collection, and while going through what I had I found that my Maracas are no longer working, I would be interested in buying a pair, ideally just on their own, no game. I can also offer trade as I have peripherals and games for Dreamcast or a handful of other systems that might be interesting to potential candidates :D

I've been looking online and ebay has mostly the unofficial maracas or you have to pay £200 and they get shipped from America or China, so I'm hoping to find someone keen to sell hopefully in or near the UK

If anyone can help please give me a shout!
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