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GBC CIB games or boxes with manuals

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GBC CIB games or boxes with manuals

Postby deathtrappicnic » Fri Dec 14, 2018 3:52 am

I'm an insane person and i'm going for a cib GBC collection. I have quite a bit loose and an unimpressive amount 100% CIB so basically I'm looking for anyone with anything at this point if you have any CIB games you're willing to get rid of PM me or post here even if I have it and it's better condition I'll consider picking it up/trading. I'm not exactly looking for the more obscure titles on here I'd rather find them in the wild or buy online somewhere a little more secure than forums, but in terms of Shantae if you do have one either loose or CIB that you are willing to negotiate I'd be willing to talk about that and also reall ANY loose games you have you'd like to part with PM me and let me know same with boxes

PS: is it reasonable for me to be trading here? I noticed most users are in uk and i'm in the states is shipping just so ridiculous it's not worth it
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