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FS: PS1, PS2, PS3 games

PostPosted: Sat Aug 17, 2019 4:34 pm
by Paggini
Hi, I'm selling small part of my collection - pics here

Space Hulk - disc has scratches, plays absolutely fine, manual is super thick with bunch of languages INCLUDING ENGLISH - 9 POUNDS

Omega Boost - disc has a couple of scratches, plays fine, manual in german, MISSING THE BACK COVER, disc is in english - 15 pounds

Brahma Force - manual has a faded sticker on in, completely in english, disc has very few scratches - 15 pounds

G Darius - box has a crack on a front cover, disc in english and in VG condition, manual and back cover in german - 35 pounds

R-Type Delta - disc in VG condition, manual and back cover in german, dutch, french and italian, disc is in english - 32 pounds

King's Field IV - everything in very good condition, complete, UKV - 45 pounds

Legaia 2 - complete, UKV, disc has scratches, plays fine - 12 pounds

Shinobido - great condition, UKV, complete - 20 pounds

Silent Hill - Shattered Memories - UKV, great condition, complete - 60 pounds

Folklore - UKV, complete, great condition - 20 pounds

3D Dot Game Heroes - NTSC version, complete, great condition - 30 pounds

Shipping is 5 pounds, I'm shipping from Croatia, prices ARE NEGOTIABLE, and I'm always open to trades, primarily for PS1, PS2 games, or steelbooks/limited editions for PS4, PS3.

If you need any pics or more info, please PM me, I'll respond ASAP.