Review: Velocity 2X (PlayStation 4 / Vita)

Review-Velocity-2KFuturlab are a studio with a very bright future, the developer is probably best known for their original Velocity (later re-released as Velocity Ultra), a great shooter/puzzle hybrid. For the sequel Futurlab have managed to surpass themselves in real style!

Velocity 2X manages to combine the original shooter/puzzle gameplay with a 2D shooter/platform/puzzle game. I was skeptical when it was first announced but having  now played and beaten the game I cannot believe I doubted Futurlab could deliver.

The game brings to mind the very best of European 16-bit design, games like Turrican can be felt throughout the side scrolling stages, and every single level is designed to near perfection. Nothing is left to random chance, every platform or wall is there to give the player challenge and fulfillment. So many developers these days create 8/16-bit style games, but their level designs often leave a lot to be desired and rarely feel as cohesive as those found in similar games of the past.


Another great new addition to the game are the boss fights, they start out as standard shooter affairs, but become just as much of a puzzle as they are a shooting target. Absolutely nailing the core gameplay in a boss fight.

Futurlab have shown a real respect to the player with how well crafted the game is. You are not just dumped into a frantic shooter and expected to learn the mechanics on your own, as each new feature is given to you one at a time so that you can learn the intricacy of each one. Believe me, as the game progresses you will need to have each one nailed down in your mind to get through with perfect scores.

At it’s heart Velocity 2X is a score based arcade game. You need to get a certain number of accumulative points before you are able to progress to the next stage - something which results in lots of restarting levels when you realise you messed up. The leaderboards are wonderful and push you to go better than your friends for each stage.

I played the game on both PS4 and PSVita (with the power of cloud saves) and as wonderful as it is to play on Vita, I would advise playing this on PS4. Some of the later stages are very challenging and the Vita's cramp controls do not work as well as those on the DualShock 4 controller,  It suits being on the big screen more than most indie games released this year, and when you see the gorgeous artwork in 1080p, you’ll have a tough time going back to the small (yet gorgeous) Vita screen. Plus, if you have a good sound system the soundtrack deserves to be blasted through that.



Overall this is quite possibly the best game I have played all year, challenging, addictive and gorgeous, bringing me back to my days on the Amiga/Mega Drive. An absolute must for owners of both Vita and PS4, dare I say that along with Resogun it is quite possibly a reason to buy a PS4? Yeah I dare to say that, buy a PS4, buy Velocity 2X and enjoy one of the very best games you’ll play all year.

Velocity 2K (Gameplay Trailer)

Link: Velocity 2K Official Website

Last Updated ( 06 November 2014 )  

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