Hardware Review: Supa Retron HD

altHyperkin’s latest system in their range of Nintendo clones is the Supa Retron HD, a SNES on a chip attempt unlike the Super NT from Analogue which is hardware-based emulation.

What’s in the box?

What do you get in the box? Well you get two pads, HDMI cable, composite cable and a USB cable for powering on the system like the SNES mini (no plug, but most TVs are capable of powering the device).

What does it do that the SNES mini doesn’t?

Well it obviously doesn’t come with pre-installed games (It does run flash carts though), but does allow you to play your cartridges from Japan, America and Europe. There is a switch on the base that will change it from PAL to NTSC and back, stick your cart in and away you go. The system also supports both 16:9 and 4:3 ratios via a switch at the rear of the system.

I wanted to approach this review by looking at some of the more advanced SNES games, so played a lot of Yoshi’s Island, Star Fox and Vortex, three Super FX games that really push the SNES and you know what? After hours and hours of playing the games ran superbly (by superbly I mean they played as well as they always did), no sound drops, no additional slow down etc, and the games look super sharp and crisp. Everything felt so right and whilst taking down Andross I felt more attached to the experience than I have with the SNES mini. I have never found a decent rom of Super Tennis over the years; when you change ends of the court, the sound would always distort. But not when playing my cart on the Supa Retron HD! After some epic sets  with the wife (I said SETS) I was left incredibly impressed with this system.

The good, the Pad and the ugly

You get two pads in the box which come with extremely long cables in comparison to the tiny cables of the SNES mini. The pads themselves are modeled off of the US SNES pads of old with the two concaved buttons (let’s be honest, they were better) but sadly they have chosen the awful colour of the US SNES buttons too. The pads have a curve on the back that make them some of the most comfortable pads these giant hands have ever held, the plastic does feel a little cheap, but those curves - swit-swoo!


As much fun as I have had with this, I do feel that the Super NT is a superior product.

At the same time that console is more than double the price and does not come with a pad. If you are looking for a way to play your cartridges on an HDTV and don’t want to spend close to £200 to do so then this is an absolute steal and you will get hours of top SNES enjoyment from the Supa Retron HD.

Oh and beware, the eject button sends the cartridges into orbit! 

Review console supplied by Funstock.co.uk

Last Updated ( 14 July 2018 )  

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