Rogue Aces Modern Review


Infinite State Games are back, having previously released 2014’s indie hit Don’t Die Mr Robot, ISG set out to tackle a rogue like shooter.


  • Developer: Infinite State Games
  • Publisher: Curve Digital
  • Platform reviewed: PS4 also available on PSVita and Nintendo Switch

At first glance you may think this is a bit of Sky Kid, but once you start you’ll realise there is a lot more depth to the gameplay than simple 2D shooter mechanics. For the first few hours, you’ll find yourself crashing your plane over and over until it eventually all becomes second nature.

The game starts with you taking off from the deck with your commanding officer giving you your mission, missions range from taking out enemy planes to bombing an enemy stronghold. Once a mission is complete you will then need to return to the ship refuel and get your next mission. However if you don’t eject, you will not get to use one of your three lives, it is an instant game over and you will be back to the title screen. Deaths here never feel cheap either, ISG have made it so that you can fly through enemy ships or buildings meaning that enemy fire, along with the ground and sea are where you need pay attention, it’s brilliant design and keeps the game fair.


There is a really good tutorial that covers all the basics and it’s a tutorial I would strongly recommend anyone play through, despite the game being easy to pick up the tutorial will certainly put you on the right path to master.

Rogue Aces may look like a classic arcade game and it also sounds like one, but underneath is a game refined and honed of thirty plus years of mechanics, each death brings not frustration but an eagerness to improve and that one more go turns into three hours later.


A wonderful arcade game that pushes forward as much as it leans upon the past and further proof that Infinite State Games understand what makes a great arcade experience, that one more go, that instant gratification, that desire to perfect your next turn. Roll on the next game.

Code supplied by Curve Digital

Last Updated ( 24 May 2018 )  

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