Review: S.T.U.N. Runner (Arcade)

Review-STUN-Runner-ArcadeWelcome to future of racing, ladies and gentlemen! S.T.U.N Runner (Spread Tunnel Underground Network Runner from 1989), developed by Atari Games, features a speed bike that can topple up to speeds of 900mph, but swarms of enemies await to keep brave racers from completing each race in one piece! Are there any speed-demons out there willing to bolt their way through these challenging tracks? This right here is a retro racing classic, and is part of the Midway Arcade Treasures 3 or Deluxe Edition compilation.

The arcade machine featured a small seat and steering wheel to control the vehicle, although sitting on a sofa with a standard controller is probably a bit more comfortable. S.T.U.N Runner game options offer the choice to immediately start from the first, sixth or eleventh track. The second two choices will award you with some bonus points - a a handy feature for skipping past the handful of uninteresting training levels.

Each map briefly shows a small diagram, colour-coding specific parts of the course. The objective is to reach the exit with time to spare, hopefully in one piece. Some later levels will offer more paths to travel through, which adds a bit of variety in choice and visuals.You can even reach some challenge levels with specific objectives to complete for bonus points, too. Blessed are the quick, for they are granted extra armour pieces to deflect damage.


S.T.U.N Runner's fast-paced gameplay is very entertaining and can provide a vigorous challenge. Boost pads are available for a jolt of speed, whilst running over a certain amount of green stars will award star-players a bonus shock-wave weapon - a one-shot quake-inducing blast that will wipe out all foes ahead. Other racers can be shot down or merely dodged, for the many tunnels allow racers to defy gravity. Smashing into vehicles will drastically slow the bike down, though. It's is a shame that two players cannot race against one another in some sort of versus mode.

The game's polygon graphics look nifty, especially considering how fast the map loads up. Aside from racing through pipes (not the kind that Mario travels through), which aren't particularly interesting to look at, scenery like detailed hills or bases, and even in a wire-frame pipe with space and stars surrounding you, look fantastic. There may not be much of a soundtrack present most of the time, but the catchy jingles are encouraging to listen to, adding the feeling of urgency when little time is left. Points can be deducted for the atrocious sound from when the vehicle hits a speed-boost though. It's that kind of agonizing SCREEEEEEEECH sound that'll drive anyone mad.

On the whole, S.T.U.N. Runner is a fast-paced, challenging racer from the past. Keep in mind that this far from an easy trek, as during many races, one slip could mean the timer soon hits zero just just inches before the finish line, which is incredibly irritating. Racing game fans should definitely give this one a try, especially if you love the high-speed races of the old Wipeout games for the PlayStation. This old-school racing game sure is a S.T.U.N-ner worth checking out.

S.T.U.N. Runner (Arcade) Gameplay

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Last Updated ( 30 January 2015 )  


(Link to this comment) DemonicNinja 2015-01-31 17:45
I think this should be updated for 3ds :D

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