Retro Review: Cyber Lip (Neo Geo AES)

Cyber-lip webI recently got into the Neo Geo scene by acquiring a friend’s collection. I now have 30 Neo Geo AES games and an AES console with 2 joysticks. I invited a friend over to try some of the games out, since most of them are co-op, and the first game we played through was a game called Cyber-Lip.

There are a lot of great games that were exclusive to the Neo Geo, you could either play them in the arcades or if you were lucky you owned an AES home console back in the 90’s and could play those games at home. Cyber-Lip was one of these exclusive titles that never saw the light of day on any other system, only on MVS, AES or Neo Geo CD.

Cyber-Lip is a sidescrolling run and gun arcade game for 1 or 2 players. Kind of similar to Contra. It was first released by SNK in 1990. What’s interesting is that the people developing this game later moved on to create Metal Slug in 1996, one of the Neo Geo’s most successful and sought after titles.

You play as Rick or Brook, two soldiers fighting for the government against a super computer called Cyber-Lip that has malfunctioned. The intro explains your purpose and the voice overs are well done, not as awkward as they can be in many other games at that time. The best part is after each stage where a voice says to you “Another one bites the dust”! Clearly influenced by the Queen lyrics from 1980 ;D Even Rick and Brook have voices and shout various things whenever they get hit or die, it doesn’t get annoying though because it’s not every time you die, just once in a while.

The controls are easily picked up, you can jump, shoot and switch between the various power ups you collect. You can shoot up, down, left and right, but not diagonally like in Contra. The controls aren’t as fluent as in Contra or Metal Slug either, it feels a bit stiff at times. I think that is mainly because you’re lacking that 45 degree shot that we’ve gotten spoiled with in so many other games!


The game is set in a really cool Sci-Fi environment. We encountered 7 stages, each ending with a boss battle of some sort. At the end though you get to a room with 8 different doors to choose from, each one leading to a boss battle. 7 contain the previous boss battles which you will have to beat again, unless you choose the right one that takes you to Cyber-Lip! We got lucky the first time and got it on the second try ;D

The music is quite good, but gets a bit muffled by the loud sound effects of gun shots, explosions and the occasional outcries from the characters. “Look out below!”, “Watch out!”, “I’ve been hit!”, “Aaaarrggh”, “Ooaaarrggh”, “I’m a goner”, “Let’s roll”, “Get him!” and so on… even without the sound effects I wouldn’t put the soundtrack on my music player though…

What really kills the game a bit is that on the AES (unlike the MVS which were coin-op driven arcade machines) you have unlimited continues, as if you would have had unlimited quarters to put in the machine. This kind of eliminates the challenge, as long as you have patience and time you can manage to beat the game…

Cyber-Lip (Neo Geo) Gameplay

We beat the game, twice in a row actually! Even though it was a fun experience, with varied stages and bosses, colorful graphics that shows off the Neo Geo’s capabilities and some catchy tunes it still didn’t feel as rewarding as it would have if we had limited continues. It’s a really fun game to play co-op with a friend! Not something I would return to again anytime in the near future though.

Graphics: 73%
Music/Sound effects: 58%
Gameplay: 68%
Replayability: 45%
Overall: 61%

Last Updated ( 05 April 2015 )  


Heidi is an avid game collectress, collecting all the retro video games she never got as a kid (yes she was deprived of gaming as a child!!). This together with her OCD for hoarding has lead to an enormous collection of almost every retro gaming system out there. She's spreading her love for retro games all over the internet through her blog :)

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(Link to this comment) DarakuTenshi 2015-04-06 17:03
You must have a modded AES with the UNIBIOS and have the game set to MVS mode. If you were playing this on an AES with the home bios enabled both P1 and P2 would only have 4 credit to work with. At least that's what I think as all AES games only allow you to have 4 credits. But, this may be an exception to the rule as I've never played it on the AES.
(Link to this comment) MrRange 2015-04-08 12:58
This is not the case with all games on the AES. Cyber Lip has unlimited continues as default, as do other games such as Magician Lord.
(Link to this comment) DarakuTenshi 2015-04-08 21:33
Yup, I guess there are a few exceptions to the rule.

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