Modern Review: Simon The Sorcerer: 20th Anniversary Remake

Simon-The-Sorcerer-20th-Anniversary-Remake-ReviewIf there is any genre of gaming that is the perfect fit for Tablet and Touch devices, then it has to be point and click adventure games. None of this silly D-Pad and button emulation, the simplicity of moving a cursor and clicking on objects can be perfectly replicated by the humble human finger. There has been many digital remakes of classic adventure games onto these devices recently including Broken Sword, Monkey Island, Beneath a Steel Sky, Leisure Suit Larry and I am now very happy to say Adventure Soft and MojoTouch have released the classic Simon the Sorcerer onto the Android platform.

Simon the Sorcerer was originally released in 1993 onto the PC and Amiga, including a Floppy and CD32 versions. The Point and Click genre was still selling strong in the mid 90’s and I can recall Simon the Sorcerer have a good release with many magazine adverts, demo disks and good reviews across the board. My own impressions of the game was very good at the time, the magical world that young Simon and his dog Chip was transported too was a bright, colourful land, filled with wonderful characters. At the time I only had access to the floppy disk version of the game on the Amiga, but those lucky souls that access to a CD-ROM either through a PC or CD32 were treated to some wonderful voice work by Rimmer from Red Dwarf, sorry I meant the actor Chris Barrie.

Thankfully this remake 20 years later has lost none of the charm or initial impact, all of the colourful world and characters look more stunning on the smaller LCD screens and like other remakes there has been some enhancement over the original sound and visuals. The team at Adventure Soft and Mojo Touch have done a great job on these enhancements, unlike other remakes they have not gone overboard and have only cleared up what was necessary keeping the feel of the original game intact, there is also the option to restore the original graphics and sound for those who want to relive the game in its original state, I am also glad to say to voice work of Chris Barrie is still there on this release.


Two control options are included with the new Touch controls acting like you would expect, you can click on objects and get a few quick actions to select or you can still click on the action buttons at the bottom of the screen and then proceed to select an object or the scenery, just like the good old days. The second control option involves dragging a cursor around the screen, I am not a big fan of this control method as you block out bits of the screen as you move your finger around, however this control method maybe included if you use a mouse or other controller with your tablet, this is something I have not tried yet.

Without giving much away of the story you play a young lad called Simon who gets transported to a magical work with his faithful dog Chip, you get tasked with saving the wizard Calypso from the evil sorcerer Sordid. Whilst on this quest you will be greeted by many characters and tasks that have a slight poke at other popular adventure games and fairy tales. The puzzles are well thought out and allow you to enjoy the game progression, which is a good thing as my Nexus tablet seems to quiet aerodynamically designed.

For the price point Adventure Soft and MojoTouch have done a brilliant job reviving the world of Simon the Sorcerer, it is a high quality port that polishes up the original game for a modern generation of devices. So why not follow the plot of the game and open up your magical book or device and get transported to magical world.

Simon The Sorcerer 20th Anniversary Remake Trailer

Link: Simon The Sorcerer on Google Play

Last Updated ( 08 September 2013 )  

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(Link to this comment) JokerJur 2013-09-11 14:37
Cheers for the heads up! Downloaded both parts for my iPad.

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