Review: Don't Die Mr Robot (PS VIta)

Review-Dont-Die-Mr-RobotAs we approach the first birthdays of the new generation of consoles, consoles that offer up even more cinematic experiences, it warms my heart to see games coming out like Don’t Die Mr Robot.

Don’t Die Mr Robot brings to mind the pacifist mode from Geometry Wars 2, now a full game of this would be grand enough on it’s own but Don’t Die Mr Robot brings along four game modes to keep you racking up high scores. Originally unveiled as Avoid Droid, developers Infinite State Games have created a charming puzzle action/arcade game with as simple a premise as you’re likely to find these days. You are a robot who likes to eat fruit, but the poor little droid has to avoid the countless baddies to get his five a day.

The four game modes are Remix, Arcade, Time attack and Chill out. Arcade is an endless mode of avoiding the enemies and collecting fruit chasing that high score, time attack is seeing how long you stay alive. Chill out though tricks you with it’s mellow music and slow moving enemies, but in fact the mode is just as frantic as the other modes. The meat and potato of the game lies in Remix mode, 50 missions with which to obtain trophies to unlock the next level. I spent hours going back to stages trying to get the platinum on each level. Each level has it’s own objectives, which mixes up the gameplay from level to level. Fans of TxK will recognise the voice for each stage as she tells you “Get the fruit, try not to die! Spoilers you will die”.

The gameplay is so simple and addictive, avoid the enemies and get the fruit, the fruit acts as your weapon of sorts, when you get it, the fruit explodes this explosion causes a chain reaction, soon enough you’re chaining together massive combos for higher scores. As you get better and braver you’ll soon be avoiding the enemies as close as possible to get near misses to help push your score/heart rate up.

Outside of the game modes you can purchase hats and other accessories for your robot, as you collect coins from the enemies you can spend these coins in the shop.

I know I keep banging this drum, but games like Don’t Die Mr Robot are really carrying the torch for what games have always been about, fun!  A simple premise sure, but the gameplay is so satisfying, you’ll turn on your Vita for a quick five minute blast and before you know it an hour has passed.

Don't Die Mr Robot (Gameplay Trailer)


Another brilliant game for Vita's ever expanding library of top indie games. Arcade high score junkies will love this gem and the more casual gamer will be sucked in by its cute visuals and pumping soundtrack. At just over £4 you can’t go wrong.  

Link: Don't Die Mr Robot Official Website

Last Updated ( 25 November 2014 )  

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