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Retro Review: Alisia Dragoon (Sega Mega Drive)


She can shoot lightning from her hands. She has four powerful monsters for friends. She’s on a mission to destroy an evil wizard. She is....Alisia Dragoon! This high fantasy, platforming zap-em-up on Sega’s Mega Drive is something of an ignored classic. The game doesn’t receive the attention it deserves even though there are some great moments and [ … ]

Last Updated ( 15 May 2012 )

Retro Review: J. J. Squawkers (Arcade)

Had enough of Mario's turtle-stomping ways? Is the Sonic series just not colourful enough for you? Put your home consoles away- for a very bizarre slice of platform gaming pie, you'd better have a gander at the arcade-only J. J. Squawkers.

Last Updated ( 10 April 2012 )

Retro Review: Screamer (PC)


Arcade racing games were not exactly uncommon in the mid 90’s with titles like Ridge Racer and Daytona USA doing the rounds in arcades and various home console ports. However, Screamer was specifically released and designed for the PC, a little unusual as the PC was mainly seen as the home for other genres of gaming than arcade racers.

Last Updated ( 08 April 2012 )

Retro Review: Alley Cat (Atari 8-Bit Family)


Taking a step back in time we revisit the wonderful world of the Atari 8-bit systems by touching upon an unusual platformer with a twist. Featuring just about everything a cat would lose sleep over, it's time for us to face feline problems  by dodging stray shoes and dogs in Alley Cat.

Last Updated ( 26 January 2012 )

Retro Review: Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within (PC)


In a bid to expand my knowledge of adventure gaming, I decided to deviate from my usual LucasArts and Revolution Software libraries and opted for something by Sierra instead, from a wealth of titles, I decided to give the legendary Gabriel Knight series a play through, what an excellent choice that was. 

Last Updated ( 03 January 2012 )

Retro Review - Condemned: Criminal Origins (PC)


Gaming is full of dark and creepy titles. From Alone in the Dark to Resident Evil and Dead Space, we're not without our choice pants messing games. One title, however, decided to go a slightly different rout, bringing you close and personal with horror.

Last Updated ( 08 December 2011 )

Retro Review: Broken Sword 3 The Sleeping Dragon (PC/PS2/Xbox)


Having recently completed the first two games in the Broken Sword series, I decided to re-join George and Nicole for their next adventure. Was it an exciting adventure across the globe or a miserable wet weekend in a run-down seaside town?

Last Updated ( 28 November 2011 )

Retro Review: Rescue on Fractalus Atari 800/800XL/130XE


A craggy inhospitable landscape, a thick corrosive atmosphere, bad tempered and deadly inhabitants who will go all out to kill you while you attempt a daring, hot drop rescue and save as many of your fellow pilots as you can. All in a days work when you take to the skies of Fractalus. Can this excitement fit into 48K? Is it possible?

Last Updated ( 19 September 2011 )

Retro Review: Championship Manager Season 01/02 (PC)


Ssshhh, don’t tell the boss but whilst things have been a little quiet at work, me and a fellow colleague have been entertaining ourselves during our lunch breaks with a network game of the classic football management game, Championship Manager Season 01/02. And what fun we have had!

Last Updated ( 22 August 2011 )

Retro Review: Segata Sanshiro Shinkenyugi (Sega Saturn)

Segata Sanshiro was a man of many talents. He sold the Sega Saturn to Japan, impersonated Santa Claus, and sacrificed his life (by detonating a missile in space) so the Dreamcast could live. Honour his legacy by playing his mini game collection! Play Sega Saturn!
Last Updated ( 06 June 2011 )

Retro Review: Alien Syndrome (Arcade)


Alien Syndrome's flyer summarises the game in one sentence- 'You enter the first of the floating fortresses, and stand horror-struck as you see the weird and bloodcurdling array of creatures that you must confront in battle'- but there's more to it than just horror...

Last Updated ( 25 February 2013 )
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