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Retro Review: I.M. Meen (PC DOS)


Believe it or not, I.M. Meen was more than just material for YouTube Poop mash-up videos. Believe it or not, it was a GAME! An educational game, at that, with the intention of making children learn about proper spelling and grammar. It was developed by Animation Magic and published by Simon and Schuster Interactive in 1995, and was intended to be r [ … ]

Last Updated ( 23 March 2015 )

Retro Review: Super Back to the Future 2 (Super Famicom)


Why are so many film licensed games rubbish? That question is down to personal taste and preference of course, but the homogeneous lump of us are generally in agreement that movie tie ins are a load of old trousers. The LJN games of 8 and 16-bit lore are synonymous with being mediocre and were thrust into the limelight with the rise of the Angry Vi [ … ]

Last Updated ( 21 March 2015 )

Retro Review: The Lost Episodes of Doom (Map Expansion Pack)


The popularity of Doom back in 1993 on-wards was immense. When id Software released the map-making tools for the public to craft their own levels so they may battle the flesh-eating demons within their own creations, small-name companies tried to crank out their own unofficial expansions for the game. Out of the bowels of Sybex Incorporated came th [ … ]

Last Updated ( 01 March 2015 )

Review: S.T.U.N. Runner (Arcade)


Welcome to future of racing, ladies and gentlemen! S.T.U.N Runner (Spread Tunnel Underground Network Runner from 1989), developed by Atari Games, features a speed bike that can topple up to speeds of 900mph, but swarms of enemies await to keep brave racers from completing each race in one piece! Are there any speed-demons out there willing to bolt [ … ]

Last Updated ( 30 January 2015 )

Book Review: The Sega Mega Drive/Genesis: Collected Works


Over the last few years we’ve seen an incredible rise in the number of retro gaming fan projects materialising following the arrival of Kickstarter. From brand new Nintendo NES games to HDMI upgrades for the Game Boy, all kinds of ideas are getting the support they deserve due to this revolutionary way of funding creativity. Amidst all these fantas [ … ]

Last Updated ( 18 January 2015 )

Retro Review: Yume Penguin Monogatari (Nintendo Famicom)


What happens when you cross a penguin, the Japanese and a morality tale about obesity? A ridiculous idea for a video game obviously! Every now and then, you will always hear someone proclaim ‘Only in Japan!’ and Yume Penguin Monogatari (or Super Weightloss Penguin in my eyes) for the Nintendo Famicom embodies that hackneyed cliché with aplomb.

Last Updated ( 09 January 2015 )

Book Review: Super Red Green Blue


In recent times we have seen a multitude of high quality books released that have illustrated the highlights of our favourite retro systems. The Mega Drive/Super Nintendo book from Retro Gamer publisher Imagine, Commodore 64: A Visual Commpendium from Bitmap Books, and the recently reviewed Push Start – The Art of Video Games are all great addition [ … ]

Last Updated ( 17 December 2014 )

Book Review: Push Start - The Art of Video Games


Video games as art is a debate that has been raging for decades, but we as gamers know that the conception and creation of such incredible storytelling, iconic music and amazing artwork proves the medium to be just that.  Push Start is a compendium of pixel-perfect screenshots chronicling gaming history - from classics like Space Invaders [ … ]

Last Updated ( 15 December 2014 )

Review: YoYo's Puzzle Park (Sony PlayStation)


In the good old days we had the joy of Taito's Bubble Bobble and its eventual successor, Rainbow Islands. There have been many similar games to the 1986 arcade smash over the years, Rodlands and Snow Bros to name a couple. But it took over a decade later for us to receive Irem's completely unnoticed gem: Yoyo's Puzzle Park to arrive on the PlayStat [ … ]

Last Updated ( 19 October 2014 )

Review: Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain (Sony PlayStation)


Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain definitely sets its stall out early and has perhaps one of the most memorable opening sequences of any game. Kain is killed by assassins, a blood curdling scream emits as a sword is thrust into his chest. He accepts vampirism to exact vengeance without considering the cost of the deadly deal. So begins your adventure - a [ … ]

Last Updated ( 03 October 2014 )

Retro Review: Hard Edge (Sony Playstation)

Back in the late 90s, Sunsoft saw Capcom's Resident Evil and thought, "Wouldn't this be better if it was more like Die Hard?". So they released Hard Edge for the PS1, one of the more unique takes on the genre. Grab some popcorn for this one.

Last Updated ( 24 September 2014 )
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