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Take RetroCollect's advice and you'll be in gaming heaven. Our team of retro gamers are always busy reviewing the latest retro remakes, homebrew titles for classic systems and even modern titles we consider retro - keeping you in the know about what titles you really need to own.

Retro Review: Harmful Park (Sony PlayStation)


As everybody knows in the 32bit generation the Saturn’s where gamers went for quality shmups, and with titles like Radiant Silvergun, Soukyugurentai and Battle Garrega on there it’s easy to see why it’s still the go-to system for many genre fans even all these years later. But while the PlayStation never gained that “cred” as the hardcore system of [ … ]

Last Updated ( 09 December 2013 )

Modern Review: Super Mario 3D World (Nintendo Wii U)


With another year, comes another Mario game; this time for the latest Nintendo console, the Wii U. With this latest entry in the nearly three decades’ long Super Mario Bros. series, does this game have what it takes to save Nintendo’s latest console?

Last Updated ( 02 December 2013 )

Retro Review: Densha de Go! 2 (Neo Geo Pocket Color)


A train simulator. On the Neo Geo Pocket. Actually, a port of an arcade train sim with a dedicated train-like controller. On the Neo-Geo-Pocket... Recipe for disaster right? Wrong!

Last Updated ( 17 November 2013 )

Modern Review: Sonic: Lost World (3DS)


After three wonderful games that show SEGA do know how to make a quality 3D Sonic game, along comes Sonic: Lost World which changes the recipe that was so successful in Unleashed, Colours and Generations. So, does this new formula improve Sonic’s gameplay or does it drag it back to 2006 territory? RetroCollect dons a pair of Speed Shoes to find o [ … ]

Last Updated ( 02 November 2013 )

Retro Review: Illbleed (Sega Dreamcast)

Happy Halloween, RetroCollect! The Dreamcast was home to a fair number of horror games- Resident Evil: Code Veronica (and 2 and 3 too), D2 and launch title Blue Stinger... But none of them are quite as odd as Illbleed.

Last Updated ( 31 October 2013 )

Modern Review: Flashback HD


Remakes and remasters seem to be all the rage at the moment. Some are fantastic reminders of forgotten memories, and some are real stinkers. So how does VectorCell’s Flashback measure up? Read on to find out...

Last Updated ( 02 November 2013 )

Modern Review: Simon The Sorcerer: 20th Anniversary Remake


If there is any genre of gaming that is the perfect fit for Tablet and Touch devices, then it has to be point and click adventure games. None of this silly D-Pad and button emulation, the simplicity of moving a cursor and clicking on objects can be perfectly replicated by the humble human finger. There has been many digital remakes of classic adven [ … ]

Last Updated ( 08 September 2013 )

Hardware Review: Neo Geo X


Not too long ago the arcade powerhouse of the nineties, SNK, decided it was about time to revive their coin-op history. With countless classics such as Metal Slug, King of Fighters and Fatal Fury still heavily praised by gamers today, the Neo Geo X was born - a handheld Neo Geo system with built-in games and the ability to output the action to any [ … ]

Last Updated ( 07 September 2013 )

Modern Review: Mamorukun Curse (PS3)


If you’re a fan of old-school shoot-em-ups, then chances are you remember the hard-as-nails Treasure title Ikaruga – a fast and frantic forerunner of the “bullet hell” genre. Well, some of Ikaruga’s former developers have recently unleashed their newest work upon unsuspecting PS3 owners – and it is glorious.

Last Updated ( 31 August 2013 )

Modern Review: Deadly Creatures (Nintendo Wii)

Hey, you know your fancy Wii U plays Wii games too, right? Obviously, now is the time to hoover up all the weird Wii games you didn't play the first time around- just to give an example, let's have a look at Deadly Creatures, a game about desert survival.

Last Updated ( 31 July 2013 )

Modern Review: Superfrog HD (PS3)


In 1993 Team 17 unleashed an amphibious hero into the gaming world, one who could not only jump higher than both of the Mario Bros combined, but also one that could keep up to Sonic’s pace. Despite his athletic abilities and promising entry, Superfrog was only ever gifted one game, and soon faded into the long list of tried and tested flagship Amig [ … ]

Last Updated ( 29 July 2013 )
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