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Take RetroCollect's advice and you'll be in gaming heaven. Our team of retro gamers are always busy reviewing the latest retro remakes, homebrew titles for classic systems and even modern titles we consider retro - keeping you in the know about what titles you really need to own.

Hardware Review: Hyperkin's RetroN 5


Waiting. It's not something retro collectors are used to doing. By definition the things we like to buy are old, they are games from bygone eras on systems that are no longer made. Unlike our current gen collecting friends we don't have to wait for midnight launches or DLC release dates. Perhaps this is why when we are forced to wait for something, [ … ]

Last Updated ( 08 January 2015 )

Retro Review: Yume Penguin Monogatari (Nintendo Famicom)


What happens when you cross a penguin, the Japanese and a morality tale about obesity? A ridiculous idea for a video game obviously! Every now and then, you will always hear someone proclaim ‘Only in Japan!’ and Yume Penguin Monogatari (or Super Weightloss Penguin in my eyes) for the Nintendo Famicom embodies that hackneyed cliché with aplomb.

Last Updated ( 09 January 2015 )

Book Review: Super Red Green Blue


In recent times we have seen a multitude of high quality books released that have illustrated the highlights of our favourite retro systems. The Mega Drive/Super Nintendo book from Retro Gamer publisher Imagine, Commodore 64: A Visual Commpendium from Bitmap Books, and the recently reviewed Push Start – The Art of Video Games are all great addition [ … ]

Last Updated ( 17 December 2014 )

Book Review: Push Start - The Art of Video Games


Video games as art is a debate that has been raging for decades, but we as gamers know that the conception and creation of such incredible storytelling, iconic music and amazing artwork proves the medium to be just that.  Push Start is a compendium of pixel-perfect screenshots chronicling gaming history - from classics like Space Invaders [ … ]

Last Updated ( 15 December 2014 )

Review: Rock Boshers DX: Director's Cut (PS Vita)


Queen Victoria's gone to Mars to kick ass and drink tea...and she's all outta tea! So goes the tag line for Rock Boshers DX: Director's Cut, the latest PS Vita/PS4 offering from Tikipod - creators of another recent retro-themed indie title, Aqua Kitty DX.

Last Updated ( 10 December 2014 )

Book Review: Commodore 64 Book: A Visual Commpendium


In our little hobby of videogames, nostalgia has always played an important part. Our memories keep alive games we haven't played for years - even if they were absolute stinkers. This is where the Commodore 64: a visual Commpendium comes in. Each game (100+ of them!) is lovingly spread across two pages with annotations from industry giants past and [ … ]

Last Updated ( 30 November 2014 )

Review: Don't Die Mr Robot (PS VIta)


As we approach the first birthdays of the new generation of consoles, consoles that offer up even more cinematic experiences, it warms my heart to see games coming out like Don’t Die Mr Robot.

Last Updated ( 25 November 2014 )

Hardware Review: Super Retro Trio


For the majority of retro gamers there's one thing that has the power to completely stop our collection from growing. Sure, money may be an issue, but that doesn't mean you can't still look in charity shops for a lucky find. No, the real nemesis to a collector is storage. Old games are big, often in large oversized special edition boxes. They consu [ … ]

Last Updated ( 20 November 2014 )

Hardware Review: GDEmu - Sega Dreamcast SD Card ISO Loading Disc Drive Replacement


As of recent there's been a rather significant breakthrough in the retro gaming world. Similar to flash cartridges, console hackers have somehow found a way to trick disc based systems into running games from SD card. With the ability to now store and play a large library of game images from removable media, are the days of discs now nearing an end [ … ]

Last Updated ( 16 November 2014 )

Hardware Review: JXD S7800b Android Gaming Tablet


As technology has progressed, the ability to emulate our favourite games from decades ago has become a simple task for the more powerful platforms of today. One of the more recent offerings, the JXD S7800b, is a quad core Android tablet built for nothing but gaming. Although intended to be the ultimate mobile gaming device, this Chinese made handhe [ … ]

Last Updated ( 09 November 2014 )

Review: Race The Sun (PS Vita)


The next time you look out of the window and see dark, foreboding storm clouds gathering on the horizon, stop and think. Before you bemoan the lack of sunshine and consider booking a holiday to warmer climes, stop and think about the pilot of the lone craft in Flippfly’s latest PS4 and Vita title, Race The Sun. For you, a lack of sun means a chilly [ … ]

Last Updated ( 06 November 2014 )
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