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Take RetroCollect's advice and you'll be in gaming heaven. Our team of retro gamers are always busy reviewing the latest retro remakes, homebrew titles for classic systems and even modern titles we consider retro - keeping you in the know about what titles you really need to own.

Modern Review: Slain: Back from Hell (PS Vita)


A fallen warrior is woken from the eternal slumber of death and tasked with ridding the land of hordes of foetid, rotting aberrations summoned by the evil Lord Vroll. Reluctantly, the grizzled and battle weary Bathoryn dons his armour and grips his heavy sword once again, and turns into the blistering wind. Thunder and lightning crackle through t [ … ]

Last Updated ( 27 November 2016 )

Review: MVS MagicKey (Neo Geo MVS To AES Adapter)


SNK's Neo Geo is famous with gamers the world over, which is surprising when you consider that in terms of pure units sold, it barely registers on the scale. The SNES and Mega Drive – the Neo Geo's contemporary rivals – outsold it by a considerable margin, yet the system still managed to attract a loyal fanbase which delighted in the fact that the [ … ]


Hardware Review: Everdrive GBA X5 (Game Boy Advance) Flash Cartridge


In what could be described as the most anticipated arrival from Krikzz’s retro gaming headquarters, the Ukrainian mastermind has finally released an Everdrive flash cartridge for the Game Boy Advance. Simply dubbed the Everdrive GBA X5, this modern solution for Nintendo’s 2001 handheld enters a slightly crowded market with the aim of coming out on [ … ]


Retrospective: NBA Jam


During the early 1990’s an arcade machine would grace the gaming world with a new style of sports title different than anything that had been seen before. It was a fast paced physical basketball game that anyone could pick up and play. The game was NBA Jam and the year was 1993. Midway had created a masterpiece and Acclaim did a great job of portin [ … ]

Last Updated ( 14 August 2016 )

Retrospective: Rhythm Heaven Celebrates Ten Years Of Beats


Rhythm Tengoku/Heaven/Paradise (delete as region appropriate) celebrates it’s tenth birthday today so rather than contemplate how old we are getting when what feels like a "recent" game officially becomes "retro", let’s look back at the very first game in the series to see exactly what made it so special. To really understand fully how the creators [ … ]

Last Updated ( 31 July 2016 )

Youngest Retro Gamer Reviews: Sonic The Hedgehog (Sega Master System)


With Sonic The Hedgehog turning 25 years old earlier this week, it's safe to say that as retro gamers we're slowing aging along with the games we know and love. We can talk about these timeless titles for hours on end and pour over our childhood spent with Sega and Nintendo, but how exactly would today's youth rate what we consider a classic? Here [ … ]


Retro Review: E.V.O.: Search for Eden (Super Nintendo)

EVO Review

Enix published some terrific hits for the Super Nintendo. ActRaiser, Terranigma, E.V.O…..wait what? What’s E.V.O you say? I’m not talking about the fighting game tournament. I’m talking about E.V.O.: Search for Eden, a hidden Super Nintendo action-RPG about the evolution of life. You are guided by Gaia, the daughter of the Sun and the Earth, to s [ … ]

Last Updated ( 10 June 2016 )

Retrospective: Handheld & Bootleg 'Contra III - The Alien Wars' Ports


Contra III is wonderful. It's a game that sets a blistering pace from the moment you press start, never missing a beat in it’s 30 minute runtime. It constantly introduces new ideas to launch you forward, quite literally by the end of the fourth stage. In the first level alone you have destructible cars, a rideable tank, feral dogs and an air raid t [ … ]

Last Updated ( 07 June 2016 )

Modern Review: Famicam64 (iOS)

white-rhombus-pattern 1053-249

Last year we took a look at Retrospecs, an iOS app that allowed users to add a whole range of accurately emulated retro console filters to photographs using just their iPhone or iPad. Retrospecs is still going strong and is constantly being updated, but now there is a new upstart vying for attention on the App Store. Its name is Famicam64 and whi [ … ]

Last Updated ( 06 June 2016 )

Retro Review: Extreme Violence (Commodore Amiga)


You’ll probably look at the title above, presumably glance ever so briefly at the screenshots and more than likely scroll down from this article and read the latest gaming news instead. If you haven’t then you must be reading this so perhaps carrying on with the article was a good idea. Below is an in depth study on how making a game in the comfort [ … ]


Retro Comparison: Resident Evil 1 Vs. Resident Evil 2


The Resident Evil series is one of the most iconic franchises to hit store shelves during the emergence of 3D gaming consoles during the 1990’s. It was marketed to older gamers which was definitely a newer concept for console gaming. After the original Resident Evil made its mark on the industry, the announcement of the sequel created a huge buzz t [ … ]

Last Updated ( 13 May 2016 )
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