Sensible Soccer - A Retrospective across multiple formats


Sensible Soccer, arguably one of the most ported football games of all time from the humble Gameboy to the Atari Jaguar. Some conversions were good, some were bad, this article hits the back of the net with them all!

Last Updated ( 07 December 2010 )

Hidden Gem: Ronald McDonald in the Magical World (Sega Game Gear)

Ronald-in-the-Magical-WorldBelieve it or not, the often overlooked Sega Game Gear is home to some of the most hidden retro gaming gems. This McDonalds branded platformer; Ronald in the Magical World is one gem that should be in every Game Gear collection.
Last Updated ( 20 June 2010 )

Retro Gaming Review: Battle Kid - Fortress Of Peril (Nintendo NES Homebrew)


After a good few hours spent with Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril, it's finally time to give the verdict on this 'death-happy' Nintendo NES game. Having been inspired by 'I Wanna Be The Guy', how does Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril hold up?

Last Updated ( 12 April 2010 )

Review: Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver (Nintendo DS)

PokemonHeartGoldBoxIt's been nearly 10 years since the English version of Pokemon Gold / Silver arrived on the Gameboy Color. Since then we have seen 9 more of the Pokemon adventures on various handhelds and countless spin-off games too. Will HeartGold / SoulSilver live up to the Pokemon name?
Last Updated ( 28 March 2010 )

Retro Gaming Review: Mr Gimmick! (Nintendo NES)

Every once in a while, you come across a game that makes your jaw drop and question if you're playing it on the right console. Mr Gimmick is one of those. From the second you turn on the NES/Famicom, you're sat questioning whether it's a Super Nintendo game running while enjoying every challenge it has to throw at you.

Lets jump right into Mr Gimm [ … ]

Last Updated ( 08 December 2010 )

Presenting the from Tiger - The World's Best Thing!

Let's talk about Tiger's today, alright? We'll get into the raw meatiness of the thing after the break, but we can have a little summary in this nice bit here. Touch-screen technology, Internet, amazing graphics and sound with the gameplay to match, PDA functions, this thing has it all.

Last Updated ( 02 December 2010 )
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