Retro Gaming Review: Midnight Run (Sony PlayStation)


With a strong back catalogue such as Konami's, you expect nothing but the best. Midnight Run is an arcade port of one of their racing games, released the same year as the fantastic 'Streets of Rage meets Outrun' racer; Ray Tracers. But it might be the one Konami would rather forget.

Last Updated ( 25 December 2010 )

Retro Review: Pu.Li.Ru.La (Arcade)

Do you want a different scrolling brawler experience? Are you tired of the Final Fight clones that littered the arcades in the 90s, with their run-down cities and no-good street punks? Want something that wasn't developed by Capcom or Konami? You'd better give Taito a call.

Last Updated ( 31 July 2011 )

Retro Gaming Review: Rockman X3 Pirate (Sega Mega Drive)


Sega consoles are not well known for having a selection of Mega Man games. With a only a few Blue Bomber games available on three different platforms, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the pirates decided to cash in on the absence.

Last Updated ( 16 December 2010 )

Modern Review: Irem Arcade Hits (PC) (UPDATED)

If there's one thing we need more of, it's arcade compilations. The last console generation was rife with them, but they've slowed down considerably since then... Which has brought us to the baffling PC-only release of Irem Arcade Hits.

Last Updated ( 31 July 2011 )

Retro Gaming Review: Excellent Dizzy Collection (Sega Game Gear)


The Excellent Dizzy Collection was the last Dizzy game ever to see release. As the Oliver Twins left Codemasters in November 1993, the rights to Dizzy were owned by both parties meaning no further Dizzy games would be made from here on.

Last Updated ( 07 December 2010 )

Modern Review: James Pond - Codename: Robocod (Sony Playstation 2)

"James Pond is a gaming legend and true retro-classic. Now with better graphics and more puzzles, James Pond, codename: Robocod has become the most playable scrolling platform game ever."  So says the blurb for the PS2 port of Robocod.

Last Updated ( 31 July 2011 )

Retro Gaming Review: Peetan (Nintendo Game Boy)


Today we will take a look at one of the finer puzzle games exclusive to Japan on the Nintendo Game Boy by the name of Peetan. A frantic challenge to save a batch of chicks as a hungry wolf prepares for lunchtime.

Last Updated ( 07 December 2010 )

Retro Gaming Review: Nekketsu Oyako Hot Blooded Family


If you were to ask a new Sony PlayStation owner which game they were most looking forward to, I’m pretty sure the last thing they would say is ‘Hot Blooded Family (Thermal Blood - Parent Child)’ aka Nekketsu Oyako.

Last Updated ( 05 December 2010 )

Retro Review: Pop n' Pop (Sony PlayStation)

If any company had a stranglehold on the puzzle genre in the arcades in the 90s, it was Taito. They churned those things out constantly, and it's no wonder that at least a few of them fell into obscurity...

Last Updated ( 31 July 2011 )

Retro Gaming Review: Cosmic Spacehead (Amiga & Other Platforms)

Cosmic-Spacehead-Title-ScreenIf you were to write down the bizarre plot of Cosmic Spacehead and the hybrid genres it blends together, you would be left rather puzzled. But within the galactic adventure lies an unforgettable game, taking the best elements of other games to create one fun filled space quest.
Last Updated ( 27 September 2010 )

RetroGen - The Portable Mega Drive Review


Want to play your Mega Drive cartridges "on the go" without spending a small fortune on a Nomad? Well keep looking, the answers aren't here...

Last Updated ( 26 August 2010 )
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