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Take RetroCollect's advice and you'll be in gaming heaven. Our team of retro gamers are always busy reviewing the latest retro remakes, homebrew titles for classic systems and even modern titles we consider retro - keeping you in the know about what titles you really need to own.

Modern Review: Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon (Microsoft Xbox 360/Sony Playstation 3)

We end Earth Defence Force Month with the latest in the series. New developer, new setting, but is it the same bug-blasting experience? Will Earth survive, or will the Ravagers finally win? We're about to find out. This will be the EDF's final battle.

Last Updated ( 31 July 2011 )

Indie Review: Touhou Defense Force (PC)

We're still fighting the good fight for the Earth Defence Force here at RetroCollect, but it's time for something different- an indie/doujin title that mixes the rampant destruction of EDF with... Witches and shrine maidens. No, wait, come back!

Last Updated ( 13 February 2013 )

Modern Review: Earth Defence Force 2017 (Microsoft Xbox 360)

When is a sequel not a sequel? Such is the conundrum facing Earth Defence Force 2017 on the Xbox 360, the next game in RetroCollect's whistle-stop tour of the Earth Defence Force series... Troops, prepare for battle!

Last Updated ( 18 July 2011 )

Modern Review: Global Defence Force (Sony PlayStation 2)


It's Earth Defence Force Month at RetroCollect! [No it isn't- The Editor] Two years after the Great War that ravaged our planet, the Gigantors have returned to Earth in the second game in this shooter series from Sandlot. Let's show them what the Global Defence Force is made of!

Last Updated ( 15 July 2011 )

Modern Review: Thor: God Of Thunder (DS)

Thor cover

Long has the film-to-game adaptation been seen as a scourge across the face of the gaming world. But lo, a new warrior in the form of Thor: God of Thunder comes. Will the tides forever more be changed?

Last Updated ( 23 June 2011 )

Retro Review: Segata Sanshiro Shinkenyugi (Sega Saturn)

Segata Sanshiro was a man of many talents. He sold the Sega Saturn to Japan, impersonated Santa Claus, and sacrificed his life (by detonating a missile in space) so the Dreamcast could live. Honour his legacy by playing his mini game collection! Play Sega Saturn!
Last Updated ( 06 June 2011 )

Retro Review: Alien Syndrome (Arcade)


Alien Syndrome's flyer summarises the game in one sentence- 'You enter the first of the floating fortresses, and stand horror-struck as you see the weird and bloodcurdling array of creatures that you must confront in battle'- but there's more to it than just horror...

Last Updated ( 25 February 2013 )

Retro Review: Alien Storm (Sega Mega Drive)

In the Mega Drive's early years, Sega had this habit of releasing 'pseudo-ports'- games named after one of their arcade titles, but with different graphics and game mechanics. Alien Storm is one of these titles, but it actually benefits by distancing itself from its arcade cousin...
Last Updated ( 15 July 2011 )

Retro Review: Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine

coverNo Sonic, lots of villains and a heap of cute little beans. By looking at the colourful, cartoony visuals of Doctor Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine you'd be forgiven for passing it off as quick Sonic cash-in. However, this is one fiendish puzzle game that will have you returning over and over again.
Last Updated ( 25 April 2011 )

Retro Review: Astro Rabby (Nintendo Game Boy)

The original Game Boy, eh? Home to hundreds of obscurities, games that never got the attention they deserved the first time around, just ripe for you to discover! One such obscurity is Astro Rabby, a Japan-only platformer... Kind-of.
Last Updated ( 14 April 2011 )

Review: Sega Mega Drive Ultimate SD Card Handheld from Blaze


Nearly 23 years since it’s initial release in Japan, Blaze brings us a rehashed portable version of the Sega Mega Drive. With extra features such as the built in SD card slot to access a library of ROMs, how does it hold up to the original?

Last Updated ( 03 April 2011 )
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