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Take RetroCollect's advice and you'll be in gaming heaven. Our team of retro gamers are always busy reviewing the latest retro remakes, homebrew titles for classic systems and even modern titles we consider retro - keeping you in the know about what titles you really need to own.

Retro Review: Zombie Revenge (Sega Dreamcast)

As it often happens at this time of year, the dead have started to walk the earth, so it's time for revenge! Zombie Revenge, that is, an oft-overlooked Dreamcast brawler. Can you really fight against the living dead with your fists? Let's find out.

Last Updated ( 01 November 2012 )

Modern Review: Double Dragon Neon (PlayStation 3 / Xbox 360)


Break out your 80s hair, cassette players and sore arcade fingers: Double Dragon is back. But is this revisit to the golden years of beat-‘em-ups worth your time and money?

Last Updated ( 17 October 2012 )

Modern Review: Jet Set Willy (Xbox 360 Live Arcade)


Manic Miner and the Miner Willy games have wooed their way onto the Spectrum, and now the second iteration of the franchise has been reborn as an Xbox Live Indie title. Plenty has changed for the series with Jet Set Willy, and it made huge advancements on the original home micro. Was it worth the wait to relive this classic title?

Last Updated ( 17 October 2012 )

Modern Review: Sinclair ZX Spectrum 100 Greatest Hits HD iOS


When I was at school all those years ago, the biggest debate that raged in my circle had nothing to do with football, but everything to do with the Spectrum or C64. Fast forward to today, can all the disputation in the past be settled with an iPad application?

Last Updated ( 18 July 2012 )

Modern Review: Robin Hood: The Legend Of Sherwood (PC / Mac)


It's late on a Saturday night, I am sitting here wearing a strange hat, green tights and posturing round the room like Lord Flash Heart from Blackadder, nope this is not a strange fetish of mine, but I am pretending to be Robin Hood. Join me as I play through the classic PC game Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood.

Last Updated ( 09 July 2012 )

Modern Review: Manic Miner (Xbox 360 Live Arcade)


The ZX Spectrum classic which defined the cassette tape generation, Manic Miner, has recently been released on Xbox Live Arcade under the independent section. But how does the updated port stack up to the original ZX Spectrum version?

Last Updated ( 09 July 2012 )

Homebrew Review: GunLord (Sega Dreamcast)


The NG:DEV.TEAM are becoming well known for their bold efforts to keep our beloved consoles afloat. After releasing a handful of stand-out scrolling shooters, the homebrew developers have stepped out of their comfort zone to create an iconic run and gunner - with a certain retro gaming inspiration shining through.

Last Updated ( 08 July 2012 )

Modern Review: Road Blaster (Apple iOS Devices)

"You all know about the gangs busting up the city? Geez, I wish someone would blast them..." Only the Road Blaster can clean up the streets, in this arcade iPhone port that actually suits the platform!

Last Updated ( 04 July 2012 )

Hardware Review: Krikzz's Mega Everdrive Sega Mega Drive Flash Card


If someone had told you in 1992 that the future would bring a single cartridge that could hold the entire Sega Mega Drive library, would you have believed them? Probably not, but twenty years on we have been gifted with such a device - the Mega Everdrive.

Last Updated ( 23 June 2012 )

Retro Review: Elite (BBC Micro / ZX Spectrum)


I have been called many things in my life, most of which are unprintable and probably would get the editorial red pen. One of the best things I have ever been called that is printable is 'Deadly'. This is the highest rating I ever achieved whilst playing one of the greatest computer games ever created. I am of course talking about 'Elite'.

Last Updated ( 26 May 2012 )

Retro Review: Alisia Dragoon (Sega Mega Drive)


She can shoot lightning from her hands. She has four powerful monsters for friends. She’s on a mission to destroy an evil wizard. She is....Alisia Dragoon! This high fantasy, platforming zap-em-up on Sega’s Mega Drive is something of an ignored classic. The game doesn’t receive the attention it deserves even though there are some great moments and [ … ]

Last Updated ( 15 May 2012 )
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