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Rogue Aces Modern Review


Infinite State Games are back, having previously released 2014’s indie hit Don’t Die Mr Robot, ISG set out to tackle a rogue like shooter.

Last Updated ( 24 May 2018 )

Modern Review: Uncanny Valley (PS Vita)


Before I actually delve into the main meat and potatoes of Cowardly Creations’ recent PS4 and Vita release, I want to discuss the title. Uncanny Valley is named after the notion that the more accurate simulations of human faces and expressions get, the more we (as in, us real humans) become aware that they might not be authentic. A great example [ … ]

Last Updated ( 09 February 2017 )

Modern Review: Active Soccer 2 DX (PS Vita)


Ever since Electronic Arts stopped releasing its FIFA games on the Vita, soccer fans have had little to get excited about when it comes to kicking the old pig bladder into the onion bag on Sony's handheld. Hell, Konami didn't even bother putting its Pro Evo games out on the system, full stop. The last FIFA release was FIFA 15, a re-skinned 'legac [ … ]

Last Updated ( 21 December 2016 )

Modern Review: Slain: Back from Hell (PS Vita)


A fallen warrior is woken from the eternal slumber of death and tasked with ridding the land of hordes of foetid, rotting aberrations summoned by the evil Lord Vroll. Reluctantly, the grizzled and battle weary Bathoryn dons his armour and grips his heavy sword once again, and turns into the blistering wind. Thunder and lightning crackle through t [ … ]

Last Updated ( 27 November 2016 )

Modern Review: Famicam64 (iOS)

white-rhombus-pattern 1053-249

Last year we took a look at Retrospecs, an iOS app that allowed users to add a whole range of accurately emulated retro console filters to photographs using just their iPhone or iPad. Retrospecs is still going strong and is constantly being updated, but now there is a new upstart vying for attention on the App Store. Its name is Famicam64 and whi [ … ]

Last Updated ( 06 June 2016 )

Modern Review: Helen's Mysterious Castle (PC)

After an English release on Playism in 2014, Helen's Mysterious Castle- an ultra-charming, pocket-sized RPG- makes its way to Steam, so here's a little primer on why you should give this one a look.

Last Updated ( 13 April 2016 )

Book Review: Classic Home Video Games 1989-1990


Brett Weiss is a man who loves lists. He also loves games, and it was only a matter of time before he combined these passions and nature took its course. The product of several thousand hours’ worth of research, the Classic Home Video Games series of books has been available for some time but it is only now that I’ve had the opportunity to get ho [ … ]

Last Updated ( 16 January 2016 )

Modern Review: Horizon Chase (iOS)


The current trend for new games with overtly retro-themed visuals and gameplay mechanics shows no sign of slowing, and the voracity with which they are lapped up by the game-buying public shows no sign of abatement. You only have to look at the success of games like Steamworld Dig, Nidhogg and Hotline Miami to see that the anachronistic aesthetic [ … ]


Modern Review: Thief (Xbox 360)


The Thief series has been lurking in the shadows since 1998 when it debuted to huge success on the PC. It was the thieves knees of stealth 'n' steal skulk aroundom. After its decline which consisted of two more sequels, the imaginatively titled 'Thief' was announced in 2009. Some how five years passed by and the game was eventually released in 2014 [ … ]


Modern Review: Retrospecs (iOS)

IMG 0082

Camera apps for iOS devices are pretty common on Apple's App Store. The sheer number of them is bewildering, and they all profess to add something new to your photos - be that new frames, colours or tints. Until now though, being able to simulate how your images would look if displayed through retrogaming hardware has been sorely missing from our [ … ]

Last Updated ( 28 March 2015 )

Review: OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood (PS Vita)


Roll7’s OlliOlli was something of a surprise when it hit the PS Vita early last year. A mix of simple yet heavily stylised cartoon visuals and reaction-based gameplay, it was a game that came out of the blue but almost single-handedly revolutionised how a skateboarding game should be done on a handheld system.

Last Updated ( 11 March 2015 )
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