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Indie Review: Luxor Evolved (PC)


Just as I had thought the dust had settle on my multi-coloured, vector inspired shape shooting exploits, along comes Luxor Evolved from Mumbo Jumbo to offer more explosions and mayhem, but this is not your average shooter, there is a puzzle game at its heart.

Last Updated ( 12 May 2012 )

Indie Review - Fortune Summoners: Secret of the Elemental Stone (PC)

Originally developed by the almost-one-man dev team Lizsoft and released in 2007, Fortune Summoners is the latest game to be translated for Steam and Gamersgate by quirky localisation kings Carpe Fulgur of Recettear fame. Have they brought over another hit?

Last Updated ( 22 February 2012 )

Indie Review: Blocks That Matter (PC)


Take two French blokes who used to work at Ubisoft, add a dash of Tetris, mix in some great gameplay with platforms and a cute robot that looks like a washing machine, garnish with a hint of Minecraft and serve hot. Is this a recipe for a good game?

Last Updated ( 26 September 2011 )

Indie Review: Touhou Defense Force (PC)

We're still fighting the good fight for the Earth Defence Force here at RetroCollect, but it's time for something different- an indie/doujin title that mixes the rampant destruction of EDF with... Witches and shrine maidens. No, wait, come back!

Last Updated ( 13 February 2013 )

Indie Review: Tower of Heaven (Flash)

In those moments where work is meant to be our top priority, there is always a distracting game a click away. Only a few offer the same grip on us once in the comfort of our home, Tower of Heaven being one of the latter manages to offer an addictive and nostalgic handheld-esque experience.

Last Updated ( 28 February 2011 )

Indie Review: Dig Baku (PC)

I like to think that the creation of Dig Baku was the result of someone thinking, "Hey, you know the way you could destroy the terrain in the Worms games? That was radical! Someone should turn that into an action game!" because that's exactly what this is.

Last Updated ( 24 January 2011 )

Indie Review: Alpha Secret Base on Xbox Indie Games (Xbox 360)

Alpha Secret Base is a quirky indie/doujin dev group with some very impressive games to their name. Primarily a PC developer, over the past two years they've been porting some of their games to the Xbox Indie Games service. Today, we'll be looking at three of them.

Last Updated ( 08 January 2011 )
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