Review: TANGLEWOOD - A new and original game for the SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis

MD - Tanglewood screenshot start

When a designer and programmer who has helped produce a number of celebrated video games in the modern era with AAA studios such as Traveller’s Tales announces that they are going to be creating a new game for the 16-Bit Sega Mega Drive (or Genesis to our North American friends), here at Retro Collect we invariably sit up and take notice.

Last Updated ( 25 October 2018 )

Hardware Review: Supa Retron HD


Hyperkin’s latest system in their range of Nintendo clones is the Supa Retron HD, a SNES on a chip attempt unlike the Super NT from Analogue which is hardware-based emulation.

Last Updated ( 14 July 2018 )

Rogue Aces Modern Review


Infinite State Games are back, having previously released 2014’s indie hit Don’t Die Mr Robot, ISG set out to tackle a rogue like shooter.

Last Updated ( 24 May 2018 )

Hardware Review: NeoSD AES Flash Cartridge


Unless you've won the lottery or happen to belong to a family that's rich in oil reserves, the chances of owning a totally complete Neo Geo AES collection are depressingly slim. The cult console may not have a massive library of games but some of its more desirable or rarer titles have price tags comfortably in the thousands, making ownership a rea [ … ]

Last Updated ( 15 April 2018 )

Hardware Review: RetroHQ's Neo Geo Pocket SD Flash Cartridge


With less than 100 games in its library, the Neo Geo Pocket might not seem like a convincing candidate for a flash cart, but when you consider that a great many of its titles are incredibly hard to obtain these days on the secondary market, the existence of the Neo Geo Pocket SD flash cartridge is a little more understandable. Getting a 100 pe [ … ]

Last Updated ( 02 January 2018 )

Hardware Review: Hyperkin RetroN HD (Nintendo NES Clone)


“Where do you put the old carts”? I heard this bizarre question far too frequently when I showed off my NES Mini. I would argue the reason for this was down to the fact it’s pretty much the size of two stacked cartridges. While adorably cute, having something as tiny as the Nintendo NES Classic Edition meant comprises, and I thought the ability to [ … ]

Last Updated ( 02 January 2018 )

Hardware Review: BittBoy (Portable Nintendo NES Clone)


The runaway success Nintendo has enjoyed with their miniaturised NES and SNES Consoles immediately prompted vocal fans to wonder what was next? While there’s certainly lots eager for a shrunk down N64, there’s probably just as many thirsty for a tiny GameBoy. First glance at the BittBoy would make you think that someone has beaten Nintendo to the p [ … ]

Last Updated ( 29 November 2017 )

Modern Review: Uncanny Valley (PS Vita)


Before I actually delve into the main meat and potatoes of Cowardly Creations’ recent PS4 and Vita release, I want to discuss the title. Uncanny Valley is named after the notion that the more accurate simulations of human faces and expressions get, the more we (as in, us real humans) become aware that they might not be authentic. A great example [ … ]

Last Updated ( 09 February 2017 )

Hardware Review: The Eagle Box (Android Emulation Console)


Over the last few years the Android operating system has opened up a whole new realm of affordable gaming options. With Google's policy on what applications are allowed on their digital store being incredibly relaxed, and the ability to manually install software, the platform has become a modern haven for emulators and retro gamers. As a result, a [ … ]

Last Updated ( 14 January 2017 )

Obscure Hardware: Discovering The Sharp MZ-700 Computer


Recently I found myself eyeing up another fellow collector's purchase - the Sharp X68000, a Japanese home computer known for its incredible shoot-em-ups and near perfect arcade ports. It's a stylish looking system, with its outer case resembling that of a sleek gaming skyscraper. Trouble is, the system is not only rare, but also quite expensive. Ga [ … ]

Last Updated ( 14 January 2017 )

Modern Review: Active Soccer 2 DX (PS Vita)


Ever since Electronic Arts stopped releasing its FIFA games on the Vita, soccer fans have had little to get excited about when it comes to kicking the old pig bladder into the onion bag on Sony's handheld. Hell, Konami didn't even bother putting its Pro Evo games out on the system, full stop. The last FIFA release was FIFA 15, a re-skinned 'legac [ … ]

Last Updated ( 21 December 2016 )
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