RetroCollect FM - Retro Gaming Podcast - Issue 19: R-Type

PodcastArtwork-RTypeIn 1987 Irem's classic R-Type burst into the arcades and had many of us feeding the system, all whilst we scrolled through the universe to defeat the Evil Bydo Empire. Later ported to our home systems, R-Type spawned many sequels which soon turned it into one of Irem's most popular series. But how does the classic fare many years later?

Once again it's time to join the RetroCollect FM hosts Katsu, Chris, and Adam on yet another journey through time, talking about everything that is R-Type! With just about every title in the series covered - from it's impressive debut, all the way to its more recent Tactics outings - get ready to be amazed as we delve into the deep end of the scrolling shooter.

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Music Credits

Special thanks to Chris Hulsbeck for many of the interlude tracks, and to Dj Slipmatt for the usage of the outro: Jo - R Type (1993).



Katsu is RetroCollect's indestructible bullet hell spaceship! With a love of all things Shmup, Fighting, Arcade & 2D. When he's not out delivering retro related challenges at gaming events? He'll most likely be scouring the site or twitter, whilst playing 4 Pokémon games simultaneously!?

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