RetroCollect FM - Retro Gaming Podcast - Issue 02: Interview with Roll7 (Developers of OlliOlli)

RetroCollect-FM-Issue-02-Roll7-InterviewBuilding upon our last interview episode the RetroCollect FM Podcast has lured into the studio another influential gaming hero. This time round we're going modern into the realms of neo-retro by sitting down with the director of Roll7, the team behind the PS Vita hit OlliOlli, discussing everything from skateboarding classics to Barcode Battlers.

While many of us will fondly recall our wasted hours on Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, most of us now find ourselves in a similar situation where we're desperately trying to claim the top spot with our 'Daily Grinds' in OlliOlli. With the pocket-size boarding game becoming an overnight success and still gaining traction, we wanted to get behind the scenes and find out more about the studio's history and its links to retro gaming - all whilst discussing the colourful past of skateboarding video games.

So whether or not you've got a PS Vita with OlliOlli, be sure to tune into the second episode of RetroCollect FM's grand return and join hosts Chris, Adam and Tom as they talk at length with Tom Hegarty. And as usual be sure to make the most of our brand new podcast intro theme put together by the legendary chiptune artist Shirobon.

Listen to RetroCollect FM - Issue 02: Roll7 Interview (OlliOlli)

Listen to RetroCollect FM - Issue 02: Roll7 Interview (OlliOlli)

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