RetroCollect FM - Retro Gaming Podcast - Issue 01: Bomberman

RetroCollect-FM-Issue-01-BombermanAfter a long hiatus, the RetroCollect FM Podcast has exploded back onto the airwaves in style. With several months of topics building up and plenty to discuss, the team decided to sit down and blast through the one and only Bomberman - discussing the highs, lows and kangaroos of the series we all know and love.

Although Bomberman’s presence in the gaming world may have since fizzled out, his timeless entries in the eighties and nineties have had a lasting effect on us all. Starting life in Europe under the name Eric and the Floaters, shortly before trialling the name DynaBlaster, Bomberman has had quite the colourful past with a wardrobe to match.

So whether you’re a fan of Bomberman or not, be sure to tune into the grand return of RetroCollect FM and join hosts Chris, Adam, Tom and Karl as they blow each other up with their vast knowledge on the subject at hand. And be sure to make the most of our brand new podcast intro theme put together by the legendary chiptune artist Shirobon.

Listen to RetroCollect FM - Issue 01: Bomberman

Listen to RetroCollect FM - Issue 01: Bomberman

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    Better known as Adam offline, Cauterize is one of RetroCollect's final bosses with an unhealthy addiction to pixels. When he's not out searching the web for the latest retro gaming news or creating content for RetroCollect, he'll will most likely be found working on his Sensible Soccer skills.

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    (Link to this comment) ollie809 2014-02-01 21:44
    Awesome show guys never a huge bomberman fan but did love mega bomberman when I had a mate come over the kangaroos were always a huge appeal! good to hear you talk about all the other games and unfortunate demise. This was the first show I've listened to but have subscribed on beyond pod on my android. Keep them coming did you know how often you will be uploading?
    (Link to this comment) suzzopher 2014-02-01 22:44
    Thanks for the comment :) We're recording every week so should be an episode each week. We have two more recorded at the moment so look out for those.
    (Link to this comment) KThxsBy 2014-02-19 15:12
    glad to see the podcast is back. really enjoy them..
    (Link to this comment) big mean bunny 2014-05-01 21:39
    I downloaded these when I signed up the other week, but only started listening to them this week. Been keeping me sane in an extremely chaotic week as I have been listening to them in the car on the way to and from work as I find they deter me from road rage or speeding! (an unexpected bonus for you that I imagine!)

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