RetroCollect FM - Retro Gaming Podcast - Episode 9: Now You're Playing With Portable Power

Episode-9---Game-BoyMoving away from focusing on our beloved consoles, the RetroCollect Squad decide to get portable and focus on the much loved Nintendo Game Boy. From Tetris to Pokemon, and all the way back, we discuss the longevity of the underpowered handheld and the legacy its dot-matrix display has left behind.

As to be expected, we're full of admiration and happy memories when it comes to this pocket system. Having launched in the back-end of the eighties, only to survive through several gaming generations, both the 'old' and young members of this discussion have plenty to talk about from the timeless chiptune soundtracks, to hidden gems and of course, Tetris.

So whatever you might be up to today, take a trip down memory lane with RetroCollect FM and get ready to possess a craving for the Nintendo Game Boy. See if your favourite Game Boy classics match ours, and indulge in the vast knowledge of our host, Chris, as he talks alongside our co-host Adam through the rise of an invention which further defined our gaming world today. 

Listen to RetroCollect FM - Retro Gaming Podcast Episode 9

Listen to RetroCollect FM - Episode 9: Now You're Playing With Portable Power

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  • 0:00:00 - Introduction
  • 0:12:30 - Games, Memories, Accessories & Super Game Boy
  • 0:21:25 - More Memories, Nintendo's Masterplan & Game Boy Funtography
  • 0:33:10 - Hidden Gems & Our Favourites

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Better known as Adam offline, Cauterize is one of RetroCollect's final bosses with an unhealthy addiction to pixels. When he's not out searching the web for the latest retro gaming news or creating content for RetroCollect, he'll will most likely be found working on his Sensible Soccer skills.

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(Link to this comment) Olly023 2013-07-13 15:33
How do you guys edit the audio? Just noticing a lot of clipping, not sure if its just the iPad, but yeah. Should be easily fixable if run through something as basic as Audacity to nornalise the audio, etc.
(Link to this comment) seb231 2013-08-07 20:29
Can I just second this. Just found your podcast and site and love listening in, but the audio quality is painful on my ears and sound worse as you turn it up which I often have to do as you guys are talking/being recorded at different levels.
(Link to this comment) suzzopher 2013-07-15 08:01
I had forgotten how good the box art is to Super Mario Land. In fact there is a lot of great Game Boy box art. Remember Wizards & Warriors' box art? That was amazing! I bought the game on the box art alone.
(Link to this comment) Dez2028 2015-12-02 12:19
Would be great to see a follow up episode covering further in depth info and discussion on gameboy,gba,ds, 3ds etc.welldone on this episode ,I really enjoyed it.cheers

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