RetroCollect FM - Retro Gaming Podcast - Episode 7: Adventures In Disney's Magic Kingdom

RetroCollect-FM-Retro-Gaming-Podcast-Episode-7-Adventures-In-Disneys-Magic-KingdomAs Disney seem to be showing a real interest in reviving their classic video games as of late, what better a time to sit down and discuss those magical gaming memories with Mickey and the gang from years gone by. Join the RetroCollect Squad as they remininsce Disney's earlier days before wondering where the gaming magic went.

Knowing full well that being a 'Disney Gamer' in the 90s has different connotations depending on what region you grew up in, we decided to call upon another member of the RetroCollect Squad to help us debate this issue. Joining the British line up of Sega based Disney gamers for this month's episode (and many more to come), is RetroCollect's very own regular author, Miketendo - an American besotted with the Nintendo NES era of Disney classics.

But enough talking from us, there are many magical avenues we're ready to take you down in the latest episode of RetroCollect FM. Discussing everything from the early Atari 2600 titles, to the 8-bit and 16-bit classics developed by Sega and Capcom, let us whist you away to the Magical Kingdom.

Listen to RetroCollect FM - Retro Gaming Podcast Episode 7

Listen to RetroCollect FM - Episode 7: Adventures In Disney's Magic Kingdom

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  • 0:00:00 - Introduction and the Early Days
  • 0:10:45 - 8-Bit & 16-Bit Days
  • 1:03:00 - Disney's 32-Bit Downfall

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Better known as Adam offline, Cauterize is one of RetroCollect's final bosses with an unhealthy addiction to pixels. When he's not out searching the web for the latest retro gaming news or creating content for RetroCollect, he'll will most likely be found working on his Sensible Soccer skills.

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(Link to this comment) 90s Video Game Dude 2013-04-24 18:09
Great episode guys. My all time favorite (and 1st) Disney game is Quackshot on the MD, closely followed my Castle Of Illusion on the MD. I never had a NES when I was growing up but would play 2 minutes of Duck Tales every time I was in this shop in town which had those really annoying NES game stands which reset it's self every 2 minutes.
(Link to this comment) suzzopher 2013-04-24 21:25
Recording that made me really want to get into Master System collecting.
(Link to this comment) ian8bit 2013-04-25 18:37
Fantastic stuff guys! I obviously enjoyed (and totally agreed with) the love you gave for the SMS Disney games. The web is oversaturated with American Nintendo fanboys so it's nice to hear a UK perspective on retro games. Keep up the good work. I look forward to an episode dedicated to the Master System ;-)
(Link to this comment) jamalais 2013-06-05 19:29
totally agree we need more UK retro love. Keep up the podcast guys and love to the Master System is always a plus in my opinion
+1 (Link to this comment) Olly023 2013-06-07 06:58
Finally hopped on this, I dont listen to many Podcasts but I figured I'd pop this on while I was cleaning the gerbils' gerbilarium. Very good 'cast..But MD Aladdin is superior ;) haha

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