Maximum Power Up Podcast - Episode 42: Retro Gamer Magazine

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Retro Gamer Magazine has bucked the trend in recent times, as many other print magazines close down or go fully digital the retro-themed monthly publication goes from strength to strength.

Now in it's 12th year of existence, Retro Gamer Magazine shows no signs of slowing down, and every month features original content, exclusive developer interviews and reader interactions. Sections on the indie and home-brew scenes, mixed with reviews of all manner of gaming merchandise and new releases mean there is invariably something for everyone within its pages.

In this latest edition of the Maximum Power Up podcast, regular hosts Phil and Tom sit down with Retro Gamer editor Darran Jones to discuss the history of the magazine, and some of Darran's enduring memories of being at the helm of such an influential periodical for so long.

Other topics discussed include how Retro Gamer continues to be a success a world where the move to digital is an ever-growing threat, and also how Retro Gamer's unique approach to retro topics of all kinds helps to keep the content fresh.

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(Link to this comment) Retrology 2017-03-24 21:08
I was lucky enough to spot the very first issue on the shelves of a local newsagent, its been thirteen years and I have not missed an issue - essential reading.

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