RetroCollect FM - Retro Gaming Podcast - Issue 15: Digitiser - Interview with Mr Biffo


For many retro gamers, the 90s was a wonderful era packed to the brim with exciting new developments and technological advancements. Despite the rise of the Internet and other forms of getting our gaming fix delivered daily, one dedicated service we all know and loved remained on the most basic form of communication still around - Teletext. Digitis [ … ]

Last Updated ( 21 December 2014 )

RetroCollect FM - Retro Gaming Podcast - Issue 14: Add-Ons, Enhancements & Adapters


During the earlier years of the video game industry, companies such as Sega and Nintendo trialled various methods of keeping their dating hardware alive. Instead of releasing new consoles and casting away the old, the latest technology was often crammed into add-ons and expansions to gift older systems an added boost of power. Although seeming like [ … ]

Last Updated ( 04 December 2014 )

RetroCollect FM - Retro Gaming Podcast - Issue 13: Catastrophic Coin-Op Conversions


Growing up we all dreamed of the day arcade-perfect gameplay would arrive at home. While it may have hit our living rooms much earlier than expected, the journey there left behind a shed-load of tragic ports and attempts to re-create the coin-op magic.

Last Updated ( 12 November 2014 )

RetroCollect FM - Retro Gaming Podcast - Issue 12: Streets Of Rage


In 1991 video gamers found themselves cast onto the crime-flooded walkways of a once peaceful city, a location three ex-police officers set out to reclaim from the syndicate. Armed with nothing but their bare knuckles, Axel, Adam and Blaze changed the console gaming landscape forever...


RetroCollect FM - Retro Gaming Podcast - Issue 11: Sega Dreamcast


Having recently celebrated its birthday in style, the Sega Dreamcast is still fondly remembered by us all as the system that left us too early. Despite packing plenty of promise and potential for the future, Sega pulled the plug early on what they deemed was doomed by the imminent release of the PlayStation 2. With a plethora of nostalgia at the re [ … ]


RetroCollect FM - Retro Gaming Podcast - Issue 10: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


By 1989 the entire world was shellshocked into Turtle Fever. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles had reached the masses through radical action figures, awesome cartoon action, and of course the wicked on-going comic. Next on the on the half-shelled reptiles' plans for world domination was video games - something they most definately exc-shelled in.

Last Updated ( 03 September 2014 )

RetroCollect FM - Retro Gaming Podcast - Issue 09: Interview with Super Play's Wil Overton


In November 1992 a brand new video game magazine was born that set out to do things differently. Super Play wasn't your average publication but instead a glorification of gaming culture from the Far East. With countless gamers inspired by its pages, we caught up with the magazine's prolific artist and contributor - Wil Overton.

Last Updated ( 30 July 2014 )

RetroCollect FM - Retro Gaming Podcast - Issue 08: Road Rash


In 1991 Mega Drive owners found themselves gripping the ignition in one hand and smashing their nearest rivals into incoming traffic with the other. Road Rash was one of the most brutal titles to hit Sega's console, and one which has left a lasting impression, imprint - and whip mark - on all of us.

Last Updated ( 29 June 2014 )

RetroCollect FM - Retro Gaming Podcast - Issue 07: 90 Minutes Of The Beautiful Game


With the World Cup about to get under way, we decided to up our podcast game and slide tackle the topic of classic football video games. Starting out in the lowly 8-bit league, listen to our rise to the top as we thrash the big boys - FIFA, Pro Evo and Sensible Soccer - and every other mid-table player in between.

Last Updated ( 04 June 2014 )

RetroCollect FM - Retro Gaming Podcast - Re-Quest #1


Stepping aside from our usual duties of discussing set topics, the hosts behind this week's RetroCollect FM episode start the first of a new series. Re-Quest is your chance to put forward a question to the #RCFM team through Facebook, Twitter or the RetroCollect Forums, which will be answered on the airwaves. With plenty of queries already submitte [ … ]

Last Updated ( 21 May 2014 )

RetroCollect FM - Retro Gaming Podcast - Issue 06: Resident Evil


In 1996 video gamers were abruptly thrown into the depths of a global epidemic, one which broke out from the depths of a underground research lab. Not only did we find ourselves fending off an onslaught of zombies, but also the difficult task of juggling ammunition, medical supplies and just about everything else we needed to ensure safety. This ne [ … ]

Last Updated ( 07 May 2014 )
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