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Maximum Power Up Podcast - Episode 46: Super Nintendo Part 1

MPU Ep 46 Super Nintendo Part 1 670x447

The Super Nintendo is often cited as many retro gamer's favourite console. Just looking at game prices on Ebay etc for Nintendo's 16bit marvel shows that demand isn't fading either.


Maximum Power Up Podcast - Episode 45: Konami 16-Bit Era

MPU Ep 45 Konami 16-Bit Era 670x447

When thinking back to the 16 bit era, one software developer/publisher stands head and shoulders above the crowd across all platforms. With formidable output on both home consoles and the arcades, Konami built further upon their household name and brand they’d established during the Famicom/NES years.


Maximum Power Up Podcast - Episode 44: SEGA Power Magazine

MPU Ep 44 SEGA Power Magazine 670x447

SEGA Power magazine ran from 1989 until 1997 covering a lot of SEGA games over the years. Although there were many SEGA magazines available SEGA Power had a lot of fans, however in 1994 it went in a different direction.


Maximum Power Up Podcast - Episode 43: Nintendo Famicom/NES

MPU Ep 43 Nintendo Famicom NES 670x447

The Nintendo Famicom or Nintendo Entertainment System (for those of us in the west) was the company's first step into the home console market following their success with arcade machines and the much loved Game & Watch. Although it wasn't an over night success Nintendo’s perseverance and cleaver positioning in the market the NES became a huge [ … ]

Last Updated ( 21 February 2017 )

Maximum Power Up Podcast - Episode 42: Retro Gamer Magazine

MPU Ep 42 Retro Gamer Magazine 670x447

Retro Gamer Magazine has bucked the trend in recent times, as many other print magazines close down or go fully digital the retro-themed monthly publication goes from strength to strength.


Maximum Power Up Podcast - Episode 41: Nintendo Wii

MPU Ep 41 Nintendo Wii 670x447

The Nintendo Wii is one of the most successful consoles of all time, offering gamers of all sizes, shapes and ages something different to the games of past Nintendo platforms. As we have just passed the ten year anniversary we look back at the craze that swept the world. From gamers, grannies and the Redknapps, everyone enjoyed a good waggle.


Maximum Power Up Podcast - Episode 40: GamesMaster Magazine

MPU Ep 40 GamesMaster Magazine 670x447

GamesMaster magazine is one of the most well known games magazines and also one of the longest running. This year it reaches it's 25 year anniversary, and also this month saw the 25th anniversary of the GamesMaster television series first appearing on TV.

Last Updated ( 10 January 2017 )

Maximum Power Up Podcast - Episode 39: Games of 2002

MPU Ep 39 Games of 2002 670x447

2002 was a great year for games. The Playstation 2 was amassing more hits such as GTA Vice City, Final Fantasy 10 and as well as this the Xbox and GameCube games libraries were growing with some must own titles. With these games being almost 15 years old there are still some bargains to be found 2nd hand. Hopefully we can [ … ]


Maximum Power Up Podcast - Episode 38: Tomb Raider Suite

MPU Ep 38 Tomb Raider Suite 670x447

Tomb Raider is one of the most iconic games for the Sony Playstation, and a series still going today. This year is the 20th anniversary of Tomb Raider and original Tomb Raider composer Nathan McCree has something special planned.


Maximum Power Up Podcast - Episode 37: Amiga Memories

MPU Ep 37 Amiga Memories 670x447

The Amiga is one of the most popular home computers. It easily overtook its competitor the Atari ST and with good reason. With many standout games from all types of genre as well as an amazing demo scene showing off what music and video the Amiga was capable of, it’s hardly surprising it has so many fans.


Maximum Power Up Podcast - Episode 36: Rail Shooters

MPU Ep 36 Rail Shooters 670x447

On rail shooters is a gaming genre that seems to divide opinion. Some love them for the simplistic hi octane arcade style action, while others see them as nothing more than monotonous gallery shooters.

Last Updated ( 07 November 2016 )
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