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Maximum Power Up Podcast - Episode 32: Half-Life & Portal

MPU Ep 32 Half-Life Portal 670x447

Valve is one of the most well-known and respected developers around today, and their first game, Half-Life spawned one of gaming’s biggest franchises. When it hit the PC in 1998, Half-Life wowed critics and went on to become one of the most popular first person shooters ever released.

Last Updated ( 24 August 2016 )

Maximum Power Up Podcast - Episode 31: The RPG Adventure

MPU Ep 31 RPG 670x447

Role Playing Games have been around for years from early 8 bit days to the present day it's a genre that has developed a lot. This episode Paul and Chris from the team are joined by Kincl from Hyperplay RPG fanzine and Julian Hill from Boxed Pixels website as the set off on there first adventure into the world of RPGs.

Last Updated ( 08 August 2016 )

Maximum Power Up Podcast - Episode 30: SEGA Saturn Part 2

MPU Ep 30 SEGA Saturn Part 2 670x447

The launch of the SEGA Saturn has gone down in gaming history as one of biggest missteps the industry has ever seen. SEGA’s lack of promotion and short sighted hardware specification meant that the the Saturn was doomed failure even as it hit the shelves. As Sony’s Playstation changed the gaming industry with state of the art 3D visuals, SEGA’s 2 [ … ]

Last Updated ( 26 July 2016 )

Maximum Power Up Podcast - Episode 29: Hidden Gems

MPU Ep 29 Hidden Gems 670x447

Every gamer has been there at some point, loads of games to play for your console and although you try and keep up it's not always possible! In this episode Paul, Phil and Chris sit down to discuss a few of their favourite games they see as hidden gems and may have passed people by.


Maximum Power Up Podcast - Episode 28: Steve Jarratt Interview

MPU Ep28 Steve Jarratt 670x447

For anyone reading games magazines in the 80's and 90's Steve Jarratt is well known name. Starting his career working on Zzap 64 he soon went on to be launch editor of many much loved magazines such as Commodore Format, Total!, Edge and many more including Official Playstation Magazine.


Maximum Power Up Podcast - Episode 27: Nintendo GameCube

MPU Ep27 Nintendo GameCube 670x447

The Nintendo GameCube isn't the first console many people think of when it comes to most loved systems but on closer inspection and almost 15 years since it's UK launch it's worth another look. Super Mario Sunshine, Zelda Wind Waker, Metroid Prime, the then exclusive critically acclaimed Resident Evil 4 and the much loved Resident Evil Remake all [ … ]


Maximum Power Up Podcast - Episode 26: Nintendo 64

MPU Ep26 Nintendo 64 670x447

The Nintendo 64 represented one of the most hotly anticipated hardware releases in gaming history when it hit Japanese stores in 1996; and the console caused a stir with its revolutionary controller, iconic console design and reliance on cartridge technology. Initial reviews were almost universally positive and its launch titles were received wit [ … ]


Maximum Power Up Podcast - Episode 25: Rare with Kev Bayliss

MPU Ep25 Rare 670x447

Rare were one of the biggest companies for Nintendo in the SNES and N64 era. From Killer Instinct and Donkey Kong Country on the 16bit giant to Diddy Kong Racing, Banjo Kazooie and many more on the N64, Rare had hit after hit.


Maximum Power Up Podcast - Episode 24: Platform Debate

MPU Ep24 Platform Debate 670x447

Mario, Sonic, Crash, Rayman and many more all seen as platform game icons. There have been loads of great platform games over the years but what is a platformer? Paul and Chris sit down to discuss the genre from the early 8bit days to modern day and how the genre has progressed and developed through the years.

Last Updated ( 22 April 2016 )

Maximum Power Up Podcast - Episode 23: Mega Drive Part 2

MPU Ep23 Mega Drive Part 2 670x447

In this latest episode Phil and Chris are joined by guest host Jake Smith ( no relation to Chris ) who was previously on the first Mega Drive podcast episode. We sit down to discuss some more of our favourite Mega Drive games, as well as talking about some of the best games you, the listeners have selected as your favourites.

Last Updated ( 05 April 2016 )

Maximum Power Up Podcast - Episode 22: Wrestling Games

MPU Ep22 Wrestling Games 670x447

Wrestling games have been seen as marmite for gamers for years, but love them or hate them, there are loads! This episode Paul, Phil, Chris and special guest Maffew Gregg of popular YouTube channel Botchamania sit down to discuss some of their favourite games.

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