Maximum Power Up Podcast - Episode 69: Andy Smith Interview

MPU Ep69 Andy Smith 670x447

In this episode Paul sits down for a chat with Andy Smith. Andy started working for Future Publishing quite early on starting his career on multiformat magazine ACE. As the magazine became more popular it was sold to rival publisher EMAP. However that led to Andy's career continuing at Future on new magazine Amiga Format.


Maximum Power Up Podcast - Episode 68: Castlevania

MPU Ep68 Castlevania 670x447

"Let us go out this evening for pleasure. The night is still young."

Phil and interloper, Chris Smith HD (more a reboot than a remaster) stroll through the candlelit hallways of the Castlevania series, trying not to fall down any pits. Join our heroes as they take on pretty much every game, and almost get away with their sanity intact.


Hardware Review: NeoSD AES Flash Cartridge


Unless you've won the lottery or happen to belong to a family that's rich in oil reserves, the chances of owning a totally complete Neo Geo AES collection are depressingly slim. The cult console may not have a massive library of games but some of its more desirable or rarer titles have price tags comfortably in the thousands, making ownership a rea [ … ]


Maximum Power Up Podcast - Episode 67: Nick Clarkson Interview

MPU Ep67 Nick Clarkson 670x447

In this episode Paul interviews Nick Clarkson. Nick has been in the gaming industry since the 1980's starting work for Gollner Publishing on ST Action. From his starting role as editor on the magazine it then led to working on popular weekly games mag Games X and then onto GB Action for the Nintendo Gameboy.


Maximum Power Up Podcast - Episode 66: Paul ‘Mr. Biffo’ Rose Interview

MPU Ep66 Mr Biffo 670x447

In this episode Paul sits down for a chat with Paul Rose AKA Mr. Biffo Paul spent 10 years writing popular Teletext section Digitiser from 1993 to 2003. Over the years the quirky sense of humour to go alongside the gaming coverage gained a massive following. Although there was plenty of Sega and Nintendo footage, Paul did manage upset Amiga owner [ … ]


Maximum Power Up Podcast - Episode 65: Shoot 'em Ups

MPU Ep65 Shoot-em-Ups 670x447

Jump into your R-9/Styx/spaceship of choice, and join us defending humanity against incredible odds and bright orange bullets.


Maximum Power Up Podcast - Episode 64: Listener's Choice Commodore 64

MPU Ep64 Listeners Choice-Commodore 64 670x447

It's taken us awhile to cover Commodore's amazing 8 bit machine the C64 but we wanted to make a big deal with this one.

We chose the C64 as our first machine for our new Listener's Choice Top 10- the games voted for by the listeners of the show. We asked for your five fave games on social media and then took the top 10 highest voted games and th [ … ]


Upcoming Homebrew Mega Drive Adventure 'Tanglewood' Releases New Downloadable Demo


If you've been keeping a close eye on the news lately, you may have caught a glimpse of an upcoming Mega Drive adventure making the rounds. Originally announced back in late 2015, this yet to be released homebrew title known as Tanglewood is slowly nearing its release. With plenty to update fans and backers of the project on, the development team h [ … ]


Classic Video Game 'Cracktros' Immortalised In HTML5 With Flashtro


Miss the days of getting a ‘back up’ copy of an Amiga game from a friend? The feeling of holding a 3.5 floppy disk freshly ground from somebody’s external disk drive, still warm from the inner most sacred depths of X-Copy? Or maybe you had an Atari ST. Shame.


Maximum Power Up Podcast - Episode 63: PlayStation Portable

MPU Ep63 PSP 670x447

Sony’s entry into the handheld fistfight was everything you’d expect from them. Sleek and glossy black, big bright wide screen display, and a host of titles squeezed down to fit, plus loads of new games made to order. Join us as we take our first look at this future-classic console.


Video Game Veteran Tim Schafer Confirmed For EGX Rezzed Appearance


Any retro gamer accustomed to the fine art of pointing and clicking will know the name Tim Schafer. His illustrious career started by porting ‘Maniac Mansion’ to the Nintendo NES, but he is best know for being a talented writer and programmer of the iconic pirate-themed adventure ‘The Secret of Monkey Island’ (working alongside Ron Gilbert).


Release Date Confirmed For ‘Shaq Fu : A Legend Reborn’


Big Deez Productions had a dream; take a game often called “the worst video game of all time” and remake it for modern consoles. With a team made up of people who had worked on ‘Halo’, ‘Street Fighter’, ‘Final Fantasy’ and the full backing of professional basketball player Shaquille O'Neal they took to Indiegogo.


Recently Released 'Analogue Super NT' SNES Console Gets Jailbroken Firmware Already


While the Analogue Super NT may have only just hit the virtual shelves of online retailers, retro developers have already found a method to unlock the system's true potential. Although an early release, the Super NT Jailbreak now allows the booting of Super Nintendo ROMs from SD card, along with holding plenty of potential further down the line for [ … ]


Japanese Exclusive Nintendo Famicom 'City Adventure Touch: Mystery Of Triangle' Gets Fan Translation


In 1987 Toho released a Nintendo Famicom adaptation of the high school baseball manga known as Touch. Loosely following its source material, this long-lost adventure featured a somewhat open world to explore whilst rescuing puppies that had been scattered throughout a troublesome town. Needless to say City Adventure Touch: Mystery of Triangle [ … ]

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