Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap Remake Announced

Wonder-Boy-Dragons-Trap-RemakeWonder Boy finally wanders back into the gaming world for his first new release since 1994, with a modern retake on the 1989 Master System / PC Engine (TurboGrafx-16) cult classic created by Westone - Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap. The developer of this reimagining, Lizardcube was founded back in 2015, with the duo behind it all previously releasing the Nintendo DS title Soul Bubbles, a physics based game about blowing bubbles and transporting spirits. 

If the news of this new release wasn't enough already, you'll be pleased to hear that this remake is in good hands. One of Lizardcube's co-founders (better known as Bock in the retro gaming world) is the creator of MEKA, a largely popular Master System emulator, and also the brains behind the SMSPower website too. To further enhance the retro vibe coming from this remake, DotEmu will be publishing Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap after securing the license for the IP and blessing of legendary series creator Ryuichi Nishizawa.

Wonder Boy has been cursed into a half-human, half-lizard monstrosity by the Meka-Dragon, now as a lonesome adventurer facing the challenge of a lifetime! You’ll search for a cure across Monster Land encountering traps and many stuff-throwing, curse-wielding dragons. Can you your body survive not only being turned into a Lizard but up to six different forms in this non-stop action-adventure platformer!

  • A huge interconnected world!
  • 6 playable forms for our shape-shifting hero, with different abilities!
  • Dragons of all kinds! A Zombie Dragon! A Mummy Dragon! A Samurai Dragon!
  • An eye-patch wearing shop-keeper pig who may or may not provide a sense of warmth and direction!
  • Beautiful, hand-drawn animated graphics!
  • A memorable soundtrack, based on Shinichi Sakamoto's originals, re-imagined and recorded with classical instruments!
  • ...and more things to be announced!

Currently there is no word on release date or what system’s the game will be coming on at the time of writing.  

Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap Remake Trailer

Link: Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap Remake Official Website 

Last Updated ( 06 June 2016 )  

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